Window Cleaning Project from earlier today


Window Cleaning Project, Poulsbo, Washington




Thanks Bro


could you have wfp the job?


No cause I dont have one, but I could still take on the tasks at hand


you can simply clean the exteriors from the inside of there home if it came down to it, or use a ladder to gain access as well.


IF they are double hung, you could. But IMO, you don’t look very professional doing it that way. AND you are taking a chance that something breaks in the window hardware, and you will have to fix it at your expense.


Like I said if it comes down to it. if there isnt ladder access then its an option. You would have to open them anyway. you must not clean the tracks then… I dont break hardware. you might …


Also when it comes to wfp. I get tons of customers that are never happy with the results. They come to me because I provide quality methods and am not afraid of heights. it might take a lil longer but they will have me back so its well worth it…


Then I guess you don’t clean many windows… They get old, stuff breaks, I don’t care who you are.

You know, for a new guy here, you are pretty cocky. If you know it all, why in the world would you come here?

Kinda like your ignorant WFP comments. Apparently you, and those around you, don’t have a clue how to use them, or what they are good for. That’s good for us though. Stops you from growing your business like we can and do. :sunglasses: For your “tons of customers” that are unhappy, I have likely twice as many that praise my methods.

And yes, I do clean tracks, when they pay for it. Most of my clients don’t open their windows because they have A/C. It’s always offered at an extra cost, but only about 30% take it.


You can take it that way. dont get all sensitive on me now. I dont work on older homes really. u must live on the east coast. I charge for tracks and screen but when u make it sound like windows shouldnt be opened is funny to me. Laterz


No, I don’t live on the east coast. Every area has homes that are older. There are several historic areas in my service area, that are historic homes. It’s not the “average Joe” that’s buys those homes.

I never said a window shouldn’t be opened. I said you look like an amateur cleaning windows like a homeowner. Flipping them in is fine, when there are no other options.


I for one find the option of tip in windows extremely useful on occasion and would never classify it as a homeowner technique.

Homeowners usually aren’t aware of this feature.


Honestly it seems all your interested in is having people tell you good job.
Your just posting random pics. There already was a thread for that it is called Today’s job with over 1000 replies, but you need to make you own every time you do a job with just pics no other explanation, then argue with anyone who has an opinion.

Have you noticed that like 4 of your threads have over 50 views, no likes, no comments?
Have you wondered why?


your entitled to your opinion, Take care


Lol what ever you say. you should at least go get yourself a profile pic before u start calling people an amateur. Kick rocks Bro. Your just a hater that wont ever bring me down thats all i know


@cleancutservices1986, just some helpful advice.

Remember, everyone here just wants to give and take advice. For surely not all is effective for everyone but people do have good intentions.

Not all responses need a response back and try to keep an open mind. It’s easy to get frustrated, just keep your cool, you will have more respect.

Use the search tool for many discussions have been started and would be great to add to those rather than start totally new ones.


thanks for the advice