Window cleaning levels


I really wonder what levels of quality you provide in your business.
The company im employed at has 3 levels basically.

  1. Glass Cleaning: Just the Glass and maybe wiping the bottom part of the frame below the glass when theres excess watter.

  2. Glass + Frames: Glass cleaning plus wiping the frames inside and outside plus the bottom part of the frame when the window is opened to remove debree from there, anything hard to remove usually doesnt get removed like paint on frames and such.

  3. CCU basically: Frames inside and out, frames vacuumed out if possible (And if you can find a working vacuum), Plus removing anything though from frames and the glass plus thoroughly cleaning the sills as well.

Sills on all other levels are optionally ordered and calculated.

Otherwise prices are set either by work time or they give the customer a fixed price by the amount of square meters and the level hes choosing.

Some of my colleagues remove stickers and tape from entrance ways glass even when its tempered glass or safety glass as well, which officially isnt allowed, if you do it in your final practical exam youre done for that one.


1 level, windows, sills and frames always on everything.


1 service level: (Charge accordingly)

  • Windows, frames, tracks, screens
    • Screens cleaned with screen washer - extra charge added to total cost
    • Dusting and vacuum tracks charge; heavy dirt, extra charge
    • Nominal paint scraping; Excessive amount, extra cost

I don’t like to a la carte my services.