Window Cleaning is taking over my life!


Everywhere I go, all I do is look and think about it. Watching competition, admiring types of jobs and even now this…

I am at my day job and I just want to jump out and scrape this crap off!!!


Don’t know why it’s sideways :confused:


I feel like such a slacker, out bidding work and jump back in the truck behind its dirty windshield lol. Think about it all the time, but can’t touch it, it doesn’t pay haha.


It’s difficult to put value to appearance and quality of life. Yet if you see value in it you’re rewarded in many ways.


I agree, it can become obsessive. My friends already recognize that spaced-out look of me counting windows or strategizing how I’d clean them every time we go out to eat.


You guys sound like me way back when. I’m pretty over it now.

Just wait until you start cleaning roofs. Then all you’ll see is dirty roofs. Haha


Actually, I’ve been noticing the dirty roofs from the beginning. No idea why! But I’m just seeing $$$ everywhere cause like every roof around here is disgusting. Some sort of weird black stains on almost every single one…and that’s in all the wealthy neighborhoods. So, either they don’t care, or no one is actively pursuing this and it’s a potential goldmine. I just don’t wanna get into too many ventures at once, but it’s definitely on my radar!


Roof cleaning can make you some very good hourly money.


How does one clean a roof?


Lol I am the same way. I don’t mind working at all, when it’s paid


Nothing like pulling up to a account and having your car windows look like you just shot down a dirt road, but yet you are there because their windows need cleaning. Just like the windows in my house can never stay perfectly clean either


It is a habit that needs to be broken lol. I’m slowly trying to keep my stuff up to par.


If your personal life is organized so to will be your business life.