Window cleaning in the bavarian forest (Germany)


Hi Everybody, i want to introduce myselfe to you. I bought a small building-cleaning-company in January 2016. I have 25 employees who do all kinds of cleaning and we are now four window-cleaners, cause the only way for me to achieve the company was to become a full time windowcleaner. I startet in July 2015 to watch Unger-Tutorials on U-tube cause I had no Idea about window-cleaning, and the only brand i knew about was UNGER. (before I startet my BIZ I worked for 5 years in one of the biggest building-cleaning-companys in Germany, but only as a supervisor,in this company they worked with Unger-Tools).) So I startet at home to clean one window a thousand times, i think maybe like many of you. And thats why I don’t have to tell you what it was like, when i cleand the first window for a coustomer…but to make a long story short, now I love to clean windows an i can’t immagine to do something different in future… we clean commercial (offices, hospitals, warehouses, schools, storefronts…) and residential.
From the WCR I heard the first time, when i startet watching LUKEs & Reannas Videos on Utube, so i started discovering all the other great windowcleaning videos from trad-man, Steve-O, Window Cleanse, Polzn & Bladz…just to mention only a few of them.
O.k. now you know a little bit from my story, I apologize for my english but i hope you understand it.

I whish you all the best and a great, healthy and sucessfull Year 2018!!


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Welcome! I love Bavaria! My oma is from Landsberg am Lech.


Thank you. Landsberg is 250 km away from my town. Where are you from?




Wow Bavaria , sigfrig and Roy live like down the street from me.


Wilkommen an

I love german words !! :slight_smile:

A female window cleaner is Fensterputzerin

The word sounds like a window installer though!




I see what you did there


That’s right. Your german is better than my english