Window Cleaning - Cooler Doors



Nice video.

Another tip: go to walmart and get those little rubber door stops. You can get 5 of them for like $1 or something. Super cheap. Clean the outside of 5 of them, open them and use the stops to hold them open (because 95% of the doors probably won’t lock open). Then go do 5 more and come back and do the open doors and you’ll have less freezing. It allows the door to warm up just enough.

Works well with 2 people: first person goes and clean outside and props door open. Second person comes along and cleans insides. And pulling the stops. You can bust through a supermarket pretty quick that way.

Oh, and don’t try and towel the inside of the door. It will look like you leave lines, but 2 seconds after you close the door the lines disappear. Super nice.

Fridge and Freezer Doors

I use to do 5 or 6 commercial stores bi-weekly with about 40 cooler doors each. Those can also be done much quicker, which will improve your hourly. Unfortunately, it becomes a race with other companies to see who is quickest.

For the exteriors, I’ll move right to left with a washer in my left hand and a squeegee in my right. I’ll stand between two doors and soap the one on the left while I squeegee the one on the right. Then shift down to soap the next door while I squeegee the one I just finished. Doing the insides slows you down a bit, but if you keep moving, you can knock them out quickly.

Another guy in town uses 26-30 inch tools and he basically does cooler doors in one pass, straight pull down. Only works if you have the correct width.

At 10-15 minutes for 40 doors to keep up with competition, it’s hard to charge too much for them, at least around here.

Like he says in the video, they don’t need To be perfect. And, yeah, Interior freezer doors can be tricky.


Interesting point, I only do one grocery store currently but looking at picking up a few more to fill certain time slots in the schedule.

I factor them as time not per door, is that the way you do it also?