Window Cleaning Bike Trailer - Kid Window Cleaners "Van"



Good video @C-Through !

Quick suggestion put that steel wool in a water tight container (if it gets wet it will rust quickly).


This kid seems more professional than all of the people I interviewed last year. Probably cleans windows better too.


@C-Through Zip loc bags work well for that. Or just use bronze wool! It costs more up front, but less in the long run cause it lasts forever.


where did you get the trailer, what is the brand name ? Is the connection to the bike custom or did the trailer come bike ready?


Hey! Bike trailer window cleaning isn’t just for kids!

I think he’s onto something :wink:

Very cool dude! Good for you!


Fair play to him.Great to see a kid so focused on building a business at such a young age.


This guy is no joke! “ENTREPRENEUR” written all over him. Good job!


I’m very impress , how old are you and what city you in ?


The best ever…! love it…!


@wcs Didn’t think about that! I need to do that :wink:
@JohnC Thank you man!
@Samuel I thought about it, if I purchase it should I also get 0000?
@Emill I got it a couple of years ago, I don’t remember where though, there are a couple similar on amazon when you search “Bike Trailer”. My bike’s frame had the wholes for the attachment built in, I am assuming most bikes have the same mounts.
@Pure_Water_Window_Cl Thanks!
@Dotsy Thank you!
@dave222 Thanks! A lot of people underestimate me!
@GenaroGuzman Thank you! Well, that is classified information :wink:
@ACME_Window_Cleaning Same way to you!


C-Through rocks…!


Always. #000 is not guaranteed to scratch glass, and #0000 is not guaranteed not to, but it’s much safer just to use the finest thread


Awesome! Thanks!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but i believe the finest bronze wool you can get is fine grade (#000). This is still less abrasive than super fine grade steel wool (#0000). Best bet: just buy it on WCR and you know it’s the right one.

I’ve been using bronze wool exclusively for a while now, but I’m thinking of switching back to steel for the extra abrasiveness. Also, while bronze won’t rust, it does fall apart basically as quickly as steel wool. I would say, test it out for yourself if you have extra cash and are putting in an order anyway and see which you like better.


William you still alive? We’re missing you here buddy! :wink:


Wish I would have started my window cleaning business at his age!

Wow! Very impressed with your set up. Keep us posted on your success!




Has anyone talked to @C-Through lately?


He is probably busy cleaning windows and making more money than we do