Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint


Question to all,

With this book there are a bunch of templates you can buy. I am wondering have any of you bought them, used them, and gotten results with them. Bare in mind that if everyone used it as explained you would all be millionaires, or at least well on your way.

Anyway I would definitely consider making the purchase with enough feedback.

Thank you Chris for the free read!


Bare in mind if this blue print cost you $1000.00
dollars and you made $100,000 from it in 2 years wouldn’t it be worth it?

If you want to pursue the residential market in your area I would ware the book and all its tools out!

If you can take “action” with what you read and learn from the book, you’ll be a hundreds steps ahead of where most of us started from.

Get the book and it’s download and take action


Thanks for the strong recommendation SWC. I will make it part of my start up.