Window cleaner from Belgium


Hi everybody,
i live and work in Belgium.
In business since 2014, my brother and one other guy works for me.
I am a big fan off the water fed pole.
I hope i can learn a lot from this forum and i like to help.

me in action with the Gardiner Extreme


Welgekomen!!! Same pole as Josh Adriance from Montreal! I will leave him to compare notes on that one as I only have the SLX (great pole also though)


Welcome! Beautiful photo!

Do you mostly do commercial or residential?


Welcome, what kind of pure watersystem do you use?


I have 2 systems 800l 2 operators both are from a dutch company ‘Daka Services’


Thanks i had a professional that did a shoot for my website I do 80% commercial work 20% residential. And you ?


Slx is great i have one to .Gardiner has great stuff !


Your van looks seriously professional. Another European on the forum also :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @jens!