Will this be the end of how we scrub glass?


This video show you how to put small holes to make
Doodlebug Pad material scrub better quicker.
Also make bigger holes in Doodlebug pads so to allow you to have water fed pads.https://youtu.be/emHSWAwNNWo





Why?? Please explain


This will take the place of most scrubbers and water fed brushes.


I have never felt that doodle bug pads scrub all that well…


The material for the Doodlebug scrub better then using a brush.
If you use only half the area of the pad.
When putting small holes in the pad makes it even better to use.


The white pads need to be replaced, this is an issue.


Replace every 2 months $4 what’s the issue??


No way we would get more than a few days. Maybe because our cleans are 2 times a year commonly.

They clog with the debris picked up.

The pain is the replacing process and always having the replacement on hand.


The doodle doesn’t like getting in the corners too well, that’s where bristles are a necessity. Plus what about all the triangular and moon shaped glass? Need them bristles to splay all over that glass.


All know been using this material on water fed scrubbing T-Bars and water fed bars like shown in the video.
There are a few times brush need to use small wooden cut ups.
But on big commercial glass beat a brush hands down.
This is the one we use on the commercial glass 20inch swivel .


Here’s using cleaning solution fed for trad and also using the same material. https://youtu.be/bL2oG7tVXLE


I think the main problem is unless your gonna start mass producing the specific part 80% of companies would rather just purchase a made item then spending that time making the replacement part.


Yes good point.
We are looking for a stand alone manufactures that will take it on were looking.:wink::smile:


This is from comments section on the this YouTube video.

The combination of pure water, the Unger indoor pad holder (JRC, Detroit Sponge, et al) the euro to Unger pole adapter the white scrub pad and Gardiner over the top rinse bar with the 100 degree black jets (Detroit Sponge) or build your own over the top rinse… is a force to be reckoned with in pure water cleaning. It has the synergy of the Wagtail dual action pivot, the scrubbing power of the white pads and the genius of the over the top rinse bar.

The 10x 4.5x 1" pads from (Detroit Sponge) work great on this tool. The 9x6x1/4" pads trimmed also work great.

To increase scrubbing power of the pads just reduce the contact footprint of the pad to the glass. With these new holes… now we can have a larger or wider footprint and still retain enough scrubbing power for dirty windows.

Now with the holes in the pad… we should be able to double the surface area of the Unger doodlebug by connecting two pad holders together with some kind of wishbone arm above the two pads.

There is a dual pivot doodlebug with an acme thread that is available from (Detroit Sponge). The great thing with this lessor expensive tool is it can be trimmed or narrowed down to give more scrubbing power.

These doodlebug pad setups, some low cost pure water filters, a back pack sprayer, a water hose to a john guest 8mm pole hose connector, some Gardiner pole hose and some aluminium poles and maybe the 12, 15 and 18" Wave and your gona be in business. (The Waves require the hook side of industrial Velcro strips to hold the white pads (Wal-Mart)).


I’ll be honest, I think your ideas are great, but not applicable to many of us (maybe especially in the US).

Firstly, I am far too busy to play garage manufacture and mess around making tools.
Secondly, I don’t use white pads a lot, because they are NOT aggressive enough. I use a lot of Bronze wool, and steel wool.

You can call me lazy if you want, I’m not making my own tools. I’m too busy servicing my clients to mess around with it. I’m also not excited about wearing a tank to make my footprint even bigger and adding more weight to my belt.

I’m not trying to crap on your ideas, but I understand why people aren’t receptive to them. Most of us just want to buy a tool and get the work done.


Yer know how you feel.
Not many people like to make there own tools.
But white pads are more aggressive when the small holes are in it and only having to use half the pad.
Havening it on water fed bar like above in the picture it is lighter, more aggressive then brush or Bronze and Steel wool pads.
Without applying a lot of pressure.
(Also when using wearing tank on belt ) This would be up dated Sure easier then carry a bucket around.
Can see this used on high rise where the cleaning solution is drawn up from the buck via a small 12 volt pump.
Sprayer wetter tube on the scrubbing appreciator or Wagtail type squeegee scrubber.
No need to dip the tools into bucket of solution.
And always using fresh clean solution.