Will a Sectional Ladder fit?


I’ve got a 6 ft bed for my little ford ranger and it’s like exactly 6 ft I know after I’d put leg levelers on a sectional ladder it’d be to big and it’s not possible to strap it down on top as it is right now with my canopy.

Anyone on hear use a sectional ladder with a 6 ft bed ford ranger and a canopy? I was hoping to keep my stuff out of the elements, so I didn’t want to take the canopy off.


I use to use a Mazda with a 6 foot box and kinda remember putting them in diagonally on there side.


Nope !!
Had a ford ranger. I had to put the ladders in on an angle. Sucked !!
Or leave them hangin out the tail gate

You can get one of those extenders
I forgot what ya call them , but you have to leave he tail gate down.


okay, yeah that’s what I was thinking, or removing a small window on the canopy thats up top up above the truck cab and sliding them part way through there. it’s hard to explain.

Have you guys ever used 5 sections? I have heard they are only rated for 4 sections…


Yes all the time I’m very comfortable at 5 sections, although I would not want a employee doing it . As of right now 4 sections is what there rated at so… I have seen them at 7 sections and definitely not a great idea in my opinion but people have done it.