Why do people hate having the hose in the pole?


I’ve heard several people say they don’t like having the hose in their wfp and instead prefer to have it outside. Why is this? (I’m wondering because I’m looking at an accessory that requires the hose to be inside.)


Don’t know why, I prefer it in the pole


Some people prefer an for external hose for a couple of different reasons.

  1. It places the hose away from your feet ( maybe a trip hazard )
  2. It’s quicker to drop sections.

Personally, I much prefer internal hose… But whatever. Its like debating soap.


I leave it in my small pole and it doesn’t bother me. Mostly cause I only use the small pole on the first floor so it’s never extended past the first section.

When I’m collapsing multiple sections of the big pole the hose doesn’t always slide freely through the butt cap and then tends to bunch up inside and pop the cap off and generally make a nuisance of itself. So I run my hose outside the big pole.

Oh yeah, and it seems like I step on my hose a lot more when it’s coming from the inside toward my feet. Probably my fault for not paying attention, but w/e.


Also, internal hose easily brings in dirt and debris that can wear out sections faster.


This. We’ve got dirt and sand everywhere and you don’t want to be pulling that up into your pole.


Am I the only guy that wipes the hose Kleen when I rap up. How does a dirty hose end up inside the pole?


Just extending the pole will drag dirt in. If you’re moving from one spot to another and the hose is wet, now you’ll get mud in as you lift.

You could wipe the hose as you extend but that’s extra time and can be a hassle if you’re doing multistories.


If it were mainly used as a one of two story pole I could see having it be inside. Anything above two story’s seems like it would be a hassle. Also, I’ve noticed if I’m about at the end of the hose I can get to Windows with the hose hanging away from the brush head. If it were inside it would limit those last couple windows at the end of the hose length. I like it on the outside.


That’s why I don’t have a problem


Just use a ticket aluminum. They’ll survive through anything. I’ve got one that’s 8 years old and it lives in the truck bed 24/7.


yes you are the only one!


I have a Phoenix Facelift pole and used to run it inside…but like the others have said, you pull a lot of dirt inside of the pole which adds nasty friction to it going window to window. I had to take my poles apart to clean them regularly because a lot of my work is new CCU and I love finishing off my windows with a WFP.


External for me,just can’t work with it internal.


For years when working for someone else they had poles that went to 5 stories and all with internal hoses.

Back then I would prefer to use any other method other than using these poles they were horrid to use and the hose problem always getting caught or you tripping over it and then as others have said your always dragging debris up the pole.
Unless you dissemble them after each use and rinse them they will not last as long, but imo that just adds unnecessary time and effort.


Inside all day!


Beautiful pic bro!


i just started wfp bought an established business, his pole always had internal hose. ive been running it outside and i think i like it more.

im able to remove sections of my pole when not doing 4-5 stories which is super convenient when i reach ground level i prefer not to carry useless weight.

yesterday’s job. it was so gunked up with cobwebs when j brought pole down there were spiders hanging out on the top of my brush head. having hose outside it was quick to disconnect and rinse brush thoroughly


I think he main reason I like it on he outside is you have a POLE its not a WFP unless you connect it, I use my HMCFP for everything I use it for WFP work, I use it for Traditional work, I use it for high dusting, so for that reason having a hose running up inside would have taken me extra time to remove it to do other tasks.
I’m all about the MOST efficient way to do anything, using 1 pole for every aspect is a huge one to me.


For me the hose hanging off the END of my pole seems to tug on my pole, especially if the dangling hose gets caught on a tree limb or Bush. If it’s not caught on something it always feels like I’m using a really heavy brush. I prefer the ergonomics of running the hose inside the pole for that reason. My pole is only 25 ft tall so dropping sections isn’t something I do often. It’s carbon fiber so it’s light enough.

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