Who offers 30% off?


Our in/out price for a 5k+ Sqft house with 51 windows, 4 huge sliders and screens that have to be removed from inside is $672. Outside only plus screens, $469. Oh, and 8 huge bay style windows that would require an extension ladder to clean from inside.

I forgot to mention, there are 307 cut up/divided panes.

How would you respond?


We’d be happy to do outside only plus screens for $469. We can offer a 1.5% discount if you don’t use a credit card.


That’s a big fat No. It’s a first clean and stuff IS going to come up on a first clean. I only offer 25% off for biannual appointments. I still don’t discount screen cleaning. Ask them if they haggle the plumber?


I don’t ever discount nothing! I feel if I offer a discount, than I believe my prices are to high to begin with. I give a price and if they don’t go for it, than I move on to the next one. I feel if I was to give a discount, I would be thinking of that the whole job and kicking myself in the ass for it. And also most people offer discounts and than find shortcuts to make up for that lost time. Why discount? Maybe the $672 is a little high, I think I would be at about $550 just off your numbers. Good luck!


I only offer a discount when I know it will take me less time than my normal pricing, or if I need to eat/pay bills during slow season, which thankfully hasnt been all that much. Them saying that is similar to walking into walmart and saying "I know you rang up 150, but what if I paid you 125 CASH…":thinking: Also, for me when people say something like that it is usually a red flag to me because I have found they will usually not value your work and can sometimes be very picky. Very much worth full price.


Asking you to do the insides for free?

Lots of luck.

I’d tell them they need to find another window cleaner. They certainly don’t value your team.


Oh, and from your description, I might be around $800-$900 for that house, in & out.

Pricing is all relative, though. If you were over $1,200 or under $400 total I might suggest re-examining your numbers. But in general, people objecting to price isn’t so much about you, but them.


People that want a discount will usually be CRAZY picky! They obviously don’t see the value in your services.


The most we ever offer is 15% to returning customers when we get a referral on the books from them. Our price is our price because it’s fair and competitive. Exactly like was mentioned, when you cut your prices for people you devalue your work.


Also, The offer of cash being a good reason to cut your prices only implies one thing…improper reporting. Sounds like he may not take you for a legitimate business.


Thanks guys. I’d obviously not stoop down to her “offer”, but I wanted to see what some of your thoughts were. Haven’t followed up yet but will follow up :smiley:


Actually, I retract this statement. People who ask for a 30% discount don’t deserve any discount, imo, and budging even a little will only reinforce their behavior.

As others have mentioned, people like this tend to be the pickiest and hardest to work for. When they’ve gotten their way at the beginning, they will only get worse to work for. In general, they do not see people in service work as equals, and will try and ‘tilt’ the relationship in their favor. Occasionally, you can “step up” to their level by sticking to your guns, and they will then treat you with some respect. But it’s a pretty rare occurrence, in my experience.

Bottom line, If you happen to lose this sale due to not caving on price, it’s a good thing.


My reply would be" I understand that window cleaning is a luxury service and not everyone can justify paying for a Professional Window Cleaner.
My rates are slightly below the national average if you have received a quote for significantly less I would be a little wary of lack of experience or lack of insurance.

Unfortunately the price is not just a guess we did a detailed walk around ensuring that the final price will be the quoted price, with no unexpected charges."


Yea, what Steve said.
And cash or check makes no difference because it all goes through the business account.
Folks who do not value your service (not just yours, but any service they deem unworthy) are not the customer that you want.
Let them know, tactfully of course, that they can call on your professional service again after the guys who did it poorly on the cheap. Meanwhile, move on to the next worthy customer.


Just gonna copy and paste this lol

That’s the hard part! Thanks everyone, keep it coming :smiley:


That’s what I did from an email I sent to an almost customer the other week. one of the few times you give and in person quote and then receive and email informing me they would not be going ahead.


Yeesh! I did a job this morning! It was a first clean of a bank that I maintain the entrance of. Kind of kicking myself. There were 71 panes (panes being total sides I washed. I did the inside of some outside windows, but 90% of the windows were interior walls of their offices and consulting rooms, so “panes” means “each side of the glass” rather than the entire physical pane) and my normal price, for houses and one time cleans is 2 bucks a side. So I worked my rear end for 3.75 hours cleaning these windows that no joke, had not been professionally cleaned in 20 years, absolutely covered in dust, and made just under $150. I am thinking I probably should have charged double. I made about $40 an hour so I can’t complain that much, but I really tend to sell myself short. I always feel like I have no right to making that much money in such a short time and that I’m ripping people off, really need to get over that. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Just so you know, I do know what a pane is, it’s just that when I calculated the price I didn’t count how many panes there were, I counted how many sides of glass I washed. :slight_smile: Just nipping any confusing in the bud. :wink:


I was trying to think of my response while I was reading the thread, then I got down to Steve’s post and thought, WOW that is good, so I stopped thinking about what I would say.

His reply is tactful and professional and has the 3 most important things…

  1. Politely call them a cheap bastard. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  2. Remind them that they get what they pay for :thinking:
  3. Reinforce you professionalism :slight_smile:

If they say no after you copy/paste his reply to them, then work a deal with your local Bucket Bob.
You get a commission from him for getting him the lead, then you get a call later from the customer offering your full price after BB mucks the job up at their low-ball price. :wink: Just kidding


That sounds… Like a genius idea! Hahaha! Sneaky, but genius! :wink:


This a great response Steve.
I’ve bookmarked it for future use if needed.