Who is your mentor and why?


It is safe to say, we could not get to where we’re going without the help of other great people.

Who do you look up to?
What did they do that impressed you?
How has this person impacted your window cleaning business.



I could say the the guy I worked for on my very first job as a window cleaner taught me the basics about window cleaning but he was a lousy businessman and a horrible boss. I’ve had a few horrible bosses and I vowed never to be like either of them. Several months after I quit working for him I stole one of his CCU accounts. The contractor basically told me after the first job I could do the rest and he was very instrumental in getting me work as time went on, we are very good friends to this day. I run into my old boss and laugh to myself when he tells me how much he is charging, I just can’t break it to him that I’m getting twice what he is and there is no shortage of work. I know several entrepreneurs who have all started the same way I did, by working for mentors that were idiots.


I have no mentor. I’m mentory deficient :sweat:


A list of all my (MENTORS)
Why they give great information and show different techniques and different skill levels which ends up helping me in the long run.

Thanks to all the Window Cleaning Community

Luke The Window Cleaner
The Window Cleanse
Window Cleaning BluePrint
StevO The Window Cleaner
Trad - Man
Outlaw Window Cleaner
Eric Thomas Bland the Window Cleaner/Coach
C & C Window Cleaning LLC.
Journey of a New Entrepreneur
Polzn Bladz
Jordan Window Cleaning
Window JOE



Thanks Dan. Glad it is helping you.:blush:


For engineering it’s Professor Roy Hinkley. He just had such an impressive knowledge of science.

For leadership it would be Captain Jonas Grumby. He kept people going even when it got rough.

For inventing Walter Frederick Morrison. Just a unique and fun perspective to life.

I was too young to appreciate Bob Keeshan but I do remember him fondly.

And last but not least for manufacturing, Murdock, Hannibal, BA Baraccus, and Face. They build awesome stuff on tight deadlines and from scrap.


@Wagonhound Ryan, it ain’t my thread so I won’t hi jack it…however, how the hell are you going to straight out steal from your “mentor”? You say you know several who have started that way? Birds of a feather I guess.

The only thing idiotic about him was him training you I think.


He is definitely an idiot, but I’ll leave those stories for another day. It’s fair to say I shouldn’t even classify him as a mentor, only somebody who trained me how to clean windows, not to run a business. It’s also probably fair to say a significant portion of service business owners got started by learning the “tricks of the trade” by working for someone else and branching out on their own. The ironic thing is, the electrician who was estimating and wiring all of his houses by himself was employed by another electric service company as a journeyman. About 15 years ago he finally said enough is enough, got his Masters License, and acquired the account as his own just like I did. He is still wiring all of his houses to this day.


How many people know who Captain Jonas Grumby is, without Googling him lol


As far as mentors, I would say the closest I have are @Chris and @Alex, who have literally been there helping me out since day one. Even though I was a competitor, they have always had my back and made sure I was pointing in the right direction.

The commiserating think tank that I speak to on a very regular basis includes Jersey Josh, Matt Adwell, Mike Goeller, Rick Wren, Thad Eckhoff, Justin Monk, Allison Hester, Tim Fields, Dave Carroll, Dave Hancuff, Jeff Scott, Micah Kommers,Jeremy Keifer, James Anthe, Dan Wagner, Cody Thomas, Cole Pasjuta, Jack and Kyle Kramer, Nick Long, Curt Kempton, Michael Mole etc etc etc.

These peoples have all played a major part in how I have run my business over the years, and I hope that I have helped them out too (in ways other than search engine rankings lol).


I played trivia last night and that was a question…I was the only one who knew.