Who has the highest minimum


currently ours is $120 for res, we’re thinking of raising to $140 or $150. what is your residential minimum?


an angry 150


lol, what do you mean?




$150. If it’s in city limits, I can be flexible and go to $125.


does that alone weed a lot of people out or do most people who call you have that many windows?

what lead you to have that minimum?


$225. I’ll budge occasionally under the right circumstances.

Reason for such a high minimum is due to “opportunity cost”. I’d rather book a larger job that takes a whole day and I can clear $500-$600 or more in one stop, than trying to finagle two or three minimum jobs into a single day.

I’m in a rural market, and the majority of my customers are at least a 20 minute drive, with 30-45+ minutes one way not uncommon. So getting multiple jobs of any size booked for the same day is difficult.

Apart from travel, I also consider the time invested in the customer from initial contact to providing an estimate and booking them. As well the time taken to get my equipment out, pack up at the end of the job, and all the little parasitic costs involved. For me, $225 is the minimum of what makes it all worth it (usually). As my average daily gross increases, so will my minimum.

I think one member here has (or at least had for a time) a minimum of $379 or something like that. He has his schedule booked out like 2 years in advance, so to make adding a new customer worth it, they need to reach a high threshold of profitability.


In my market, most people who call have more than $225 worth of windows to clean (at my rates, anyhow).


It certainly weeds out a lot of people that want 1 window or a mirror done. Driving time is money, and we are very visible in a lot of places.


Residential is $150 as of Jan 1 2018.

As Alex stated my min will increase also.

As I get deeper into the customers that are “birds of a feather flock together” crowd.

I would rather be in one residential location half day or full day then multiple locations. More profitable and less stress.


I don’t think a minimum price has to be set in stone but it can certainly weed out time wasting jobs.

Mine is set to $149 on Responsibid but we do a ton of $99 gutter cleanings that take minimal time.


$100 minimum.
Although I do have one customer who lives three blocks from me that I do quarterly exterior 1st floor of a 2 story for $96.
The minimum has removed the little $25 condos I used to hit when I started. I still hit a few of them but they are all $135 - $250 in/out.


Oh, yeah. Forgot about that stuff. My minimum for gutters in-town is $125. You can line a whole bunch of them up in a day.


I’m at $120 for residential , but I’m just starting to test a $160 minimum for 2 story homes .

When I first started I was at $60 then went to $90 . I’ve been at $120 for a while .


Eventually I want to get like @SqueegeeNinjaNJ. but for now for my area in North Jersey, I want to stay around $175-$200


Because every time they hire me for the 150 it turns out to be worth way more and I’m there all day.


We continue raising ours as our business grows on residential. Started at 75 then 100 and 125 if any ladder work was involved. Our main objective was to eliminate small condo jobs and those that only wanted us to clean the high glass they could not reach. This has saved us a lot of time and money.


$125.00 within 10 MI, and then $250.00 for all others. Like others have said it’s not worth the time or hassle going back and forth especially with the gas prices skyrocketing, we will be well over 3 bucks a gallon come June