Who has the best Window Cleaning Website you havecever seen?


It IS a nice looking site.

How has the site been working for him. Has it brought him more business? Has it helped him strengthen current client relationships?


which come’s back to hamilton’s: It’s the connection to the pictures.

i love a ton of themes on themeforest, they all have great pictures. I try to imagine my pictures or the template without pictures and the theme seems empty.


I feel that it’s direct and tells us what to think.

Not distracting us with other ideas or questions.

It’s honest. it’s simple.


Interestingly, we (all people) find photos of people [I]looking right at us[/I] riveting.

Vince has this giant one:

I love non-stock close up eye-contact shots. Builds affinity + trust.


Fixed it for you.


definintely have noticed this over the last few years of looking into marketing

but not those cheesy ones of a girl with a headset on ready to take your call, lol, as you pointed out


It’s also an effective example of the “Rule of Thirds.”
(intentionally of not)


I’m a huge believer in the rule of thirds.

During a consulting appointment this morning, I mentioned to my client that their estimate template needed to be adjusted so that the design followed the rule of thirds. Right now its more like 55/45 or 60/40 and it bothers me.

Huge difference.

Centering is also good, but usually not as cool (visually appealing).


Speaking of thirds, I am about to amend the “landing section” of my home page to address three ideas:

  1. What do we offer.
  2. How do we do it.
  3. How much is it going to cost?

I’m going to work on “guiding the customer.”

and then sprinkle it with Testimonials and such.


Image-wise, ‘they’ say that it actually goes against the natural movement of the eye, to center it.
(I liken it to the adage “more muscles used in a frown [U]vs[/U]. a smile.”)

Your subject should lie along one of the ‘thirds’ lines, or even better at one of the intersections (preferably the eye’s if it’s a person)


@SqueegeeNinjaNJ ^^^