Who has the best Window Cleaning Website you havecever seen?


I think the best websites are gonna be the ones that a normal person finds most easiest and appealing to use.

when I look at a wc website Im looking at it with the eyes of a professional window cleaner and am noticing different things compared to what a normal person would notice. so we would not be good judges of rating websites, maybe from an aesthetic view.

one thing I noticed as Im out in the field speaking to customers is that they have three main things on their mind when searching for a window cleaner.

  1. how much will it cost
  2. what do his previous customers say about him
  3. what level of cleaning will he do…clean tracks, sills, frames etc…

so on my website I make sure the top three items are all easy to find on the homepage.
all the other technical stuff like what type of cleaning methods I use or what type of certifications/awards (BBB, nationally recognized etc…) are secondary information that is not emphasized on my website but can be found if you look hard enough. lol


Michael Mole is right. That is a very impressive website - hamiltonwindowcleaning.com Very well put together. Gives you a real connection with him and his company.


Their logo looks familiar…


Recognize this page?


That wasn’t the one I was thinking of… it was this one. NJ Window Cleaning, Window Cleaning New Jersey, Gutter Cleaning NJ, Power Wahing New Jersey, Window Cleaning, Window Was - Home


Kevin designed all of them, I believe…he licensed them to the others.


Thank you, I appreciate that

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Who did your logo? It is pretty sweet.


A friend of ours. It went through a few drafts before we settled on the final version.

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Just ran across this site while searching for some storefront cleaning pics (haven’t taken any myself, yet):
Vindo - the storefront window cleaning people

I like the look of the site, the brevity of their domain name, and from a marketing standpoint, I like their focus on only one service.


Yup, basically.

I actually paid to have it designed several years ago, and then licensed it to the companies mentioned, as well as many others.


I have the best website in progress…lol


Nice site - you need an apostrophe in haven’t at the official end of your website, though.


I like Hamilton as well. I’m working on my site. Its going to be a free site to start for now but I think it’ll be just fine. One plus for me is of the millions of competition in my area ive spoke on b4 only 2 have websites and they’re very unimpressive…


Ahh, gotcha. :slight_smile: Maybe that’s why I remembered the logo so well… familiarity.


I’m intrigued at how many people are loving the Hamilton site.

Very interesting.

Perhaps many of us can relate to his business model, too.


They don’t know what they like til I tell em, Kevin. :wink:

To be honest, it could be Lorem Ipsum Dolor on the site for all I care, and it would still be gorgeous and grab my attention.


All I know I get lots of WCR visits and they stay on the site a LONG time :stuck_out_tongue:


I will say that it is very white, light, and bright.

We seem to have a fondness for bright, clean, and simple.