Who do I speak with? Low-Rise Commercial and Residential


I have a water fed pole system and I want to get into cleaning 3 story low-rise buildings.

I’m trying to figure out marketing material, but I don’t really know who my target market is. I’m sure it’s not the building owner, as they have management companies usually, but who at the management company am I trying to speak with?

What is your process for generating leads in the B2B market?


You can join IREM It a group like this of commercial property managers that take care of Class A Properties which are the buildings that get the windows clean. You will have a local chapter and they have a monthly meeting. You can sign up to sponsor them and open the door to network.


Thanks, I’ll look into that.


Google property management near you. Look up to 2-3 hours awhile (they will have properties all over) Call them and ask to email and mail some markerting material. Ask to be put on there list of vendors.

Cold calls and cold emails work. Takes time though. Buy a list that includes pm, head of maintence, etc.

Literally going into a building and asking the front desk who you would give a bid to works well.

Good old fashioned PPC adwords

Yard signs work, they just do.


@John I looked on the IREM site and it said service providers were not able to join? Maybe this is an area specific thing?


David contact your local charter member and ask if you can sponsor there group


Thanks John!