Which one do you like?



Just wondering what all your thoughts are on these ideas for my logo. Bare in mind the color are not final.


This was the first one, again name and colors need to be added. Or if you don’t like them tell me why, and what you would do to improve them. Thank for your feedback.


your logos remind me of the one we just made recently.

if it is a logo, less is more. if it’s a unique way to tell people what you do, make sure the “window cleaning” is really clear.

Here is our logo


Nice and clean, I like it. With my logo it’s still a work in progress, as I stated in another post this came from a picture my daughter drew of me.


I think it looks like me. Lol


Oh…that makes sense. I thought you must be a big fan of Mick Fleetwood.


I like the top one the most because it is simple and the words “window cleaning” stand out more.


Dude use your daughter’s logo. Might not be “corporate” or “highly refined” but who cares. It has appeal especially to the female mind who are the ones who want clean windows.

The only caveat is if your exit strategy is to sell the company down the road. Then it’ll be hard with your face in the biz.


I like this advice ^^^

not sure how too articulate it but the drawing doesn’t seem forced seems more natural and easier on the eyes


And using your daughter’s drawing is awesome marketing. Was going to put it on the fridge but decided to put it on my vehicle and shirts instead.


Daughter’s logo for sure. She nailed it. The beard, the clover, the “L”, the squeegee arms.

Have a pro clean up the edges and add some text. But keep the colors and everything else, including the double squeegee arms. Absolutely awesome! If you do, you’ll be even more her hero and she will always feel like she has a part in the business.


#1 in post #1 looks like a plunger. The recs re your daughter’s drawing are real good. She is on the right track.


This is awesome, just add the name in a circle around the logo or semi circle under the logo. Playing with color fonts ofcourse.
Same with the drawing your daughter made.
I can see this going for a retro/vintage/stamp look and killing it.


Dan, I was thinking along the same lines.


Sorry here are two more, I am loving this new one with the shamrock simple clean, professional.



This is the best one so far in my opinion.


Thanks. I have to say I think I love it. I may use the other one with the hat as my YouTube/member logo.


Real quick before I pull the trigger on this. If I go LLC then I would have to at that to the logo, is that correct?


Not necessarily, you could have Lucky Window Cleaning as your DBA and just about anything as your LLC name.


Definitely use this one, the first one looks too much like that other guy with the big mangy beard!