Which CRM based progam did you decide to go with?


Hey everyone. I’m looking for a program and or app that I can use to keep track of all my present, future and past clients. I’m just stepping my feet here into the window cleaning field so I dont need anything too crazy.

I do have quickbooks though. I’m just not sure it has that feature?

CRM Customer Factor or House Call Pro

Just stopped by for the first time in a month or so to see if this topic has come up lately. So anyone chiming in would be appreciated.

Responsibid still looks great for this industry but that price… ack.


The customer factor is excellent for route work. House call is good for residential and commercial. Those are the two main ones and if you search on them you’ll find years worth of discussion!


We use The Customer Factor.


I have used joist asp just starting out and it worked ok, it’s free… I’ve since transitioned to the customer factor, and the support is top notch. UI is sparce, but you’ll learn it. I’ve yet to really stretch its legs in terms of auto contacting old customers, but it’s there to build my business when I’m ready.


The Customer Factor is Great for us!


HouseCall Pro


I left HouseCall Pro for Customer Factor. Three weeks later, went back to HCP. HCP is slicker than snot on a doorknob, but lacks some of the contact management functions of CF. CF is clunky and the programming lacks sophistication. GOOD LUCK!


We are CF


The Customer Factor. I’m satisfied.


I had the exact opposite experience , left c.f. for housecall and then went back to c.f. True housecall is prettier, and I do like the all in one screen info. But the guys in the field liked c.f. app better for functionality. And the office with the exception of job tags to track marketing/sales number like c.f. for the overall scheduling.


I am convinced that I might still be with CF if I had started there. I still remember the learning curve I faced with HCP, and never overcame the differences before Steve (Wright, the CF owner) suggested that I might be better off staying with HCP.


Where’s Steve?


I haven’t tried to contact him recently.


Anyone heard from Steve? Is he ok?


I use HouseCall Pro but they want $49 a month for their most basic package that does nothing more than my Quickbooks already does other than text the customer we are on our way, which really isn’t that important for my particular use for HCP.

Just found out my website has a billing & invoice program that accepts credit cards & paypal which I may switch to since it is included in my current billing plan.