Where do you guys get your custom shirts made for business?


If anyone knows any good places I’d appreciate it. I did queensboro (they have a sale going on now. I got 2 for $25 polyester polo with just my logo & name on left chest on front of shirt nothing on back) for my polo shirts when I do estimates but looking to get regular work t-shirts made. Here is my design. https://imgur.com/gallery/lC0NBRd customink shirts wants $30 a piece. I think that’s pretty expensive. I wouldn’t mind paying $15, maybe $20 max.


I wear the racer mesh and Port Authority polos from queensboro every day. I love ‘em, since they hold up to the bleach perfectly, and look dang sharp. (The port authority polos seem to resist snagging a lot better than the racer mesh)

I had queensboro embroider the logo on the chest, and had a local screen printer print the backs. It cost me l think $8 or $10 each (plus one-time setup) to get a dozen screen printed in a single color. Call up a local printer and see if they’ll print on something you bring them. A good shop shouldn’t have a problem with it, though they will have a minimum order, I’m sure.

At any rate, I think it’s unlikely you’ll get anything cheaper than $20-$25/shirt screen printed for a small quantity, regardless of whether you go with tees or polos. Might as well get something nice.

Just a thought: you might want to simplify the design of the backside. Unless you’re standing perfectly still with your arms crossed, and the lady behind you in the checkout has some time to study it, most of that is going to be illegible. You should look at shirts as a form of branding, not necessarily advertising. Logo and maybe one or two services, possibly followed by “ask me for a card :grin:”)


Hey Alex. Did you find that the sizes run true to size? I wear a size large but sometimes an XL. I have trouble sometimes when order sizes online because I have a wide chest & shoulders and sometimes a large doesn’t fit well. I don’t want a tiny shirt lol

you wear polos even when doing jobs or t shirts?


I wear a small in most brands, but for some brands I need a medium. I found the smalls in both those brands to fit me perfectly. They should have sizing guides on queensboro, or see what people on Amazon have to say about the fit.

I wear the polos all day. You do have to watch for snags if you’re climbing through gnarly bushes. For that reason, I would not recommend the racer mesh polos. Way too snaggy.


I use a local company. T’s were 10-15 bucks.
I just had some light Spring/Fall jackets with hoods done, 25 bucks a piece.

They can get about any brand you like…


Agree with Alex

I would just go with

Chariot Cleaning services

Window cleaning
Power washing
Gutter cleaning

That’s my advice , but take it for what it is. An opinion !!!

Use a local shop. I found one that doesn’t have a minimum. I actually found a few that don’t have minimums.
I jace to use DTG , Becuse I jace lots of color in my logo.
I clean his shop , an he charged me $20 a shirt. I had another place that was a little cheaper $17 a shirt , but he is bad at getting back to me, So the xtra $3 is not so bad for someone that runs a business like a business.
Btw for just the white ink you jace there you can find a local shop for 13-15 a shirt. Even cheaper



I support small local companies ( vendors ) when I can even though it may be a tad higher in price. I like to know I am helping support my local shirt guy and print shop. I use a local Ins. guy.

We are a small community and buying local really does matter. I mean, we try to sell this point often in our Window Cleaning Business ( To use our services ) right ? So I try to practice what I preach.

And in all of each of these I used as examples - they use my services on a reg basis.


Vistaprint. Shirts are done very nice, good deals all the time.


We use queensboro. And if there is a problem they take real good care of you. You can try logoup. No minimum quantity. Quick turn around time. They did put the logo on the wrong side once but gave us a credit towards the next purchase.


Hey man. Is there an option on queensboro where you can design the shirt like how you can on custom ink or do you need to have the shirt design made & saved as a certain type of file? I have my logo but it is blue & i want to change it to white so i can put it on a blue t shirt. Look here:

Something like that https://imgur.com/gallery/lC0NBRd customink said itd cost $32 for 1 shirt!


At queensboro we upload our logo. Then we can change the thread color to contrast the shirt color. Little harder to do at logoup but do able. I don’t think either have a design tool.


Thanks everyone. I found a place local thats doing shirts for me (shirt & design included) for $16 a shirt. 50/50 poly/cotton material. Gildan brand. If anyone is looking for polos i got mine at queensboro for $12 ea!