Where can I find this towel?


Can’t find it anywhere.


Try windows101 they carry recycled 16 x 26 and new 12 x 22


You’re pointing at it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Sorry, I had to be that guy. )


beat me to it


@Beautiful_View carries them. I forget the size but I just bought 10 recycled ones.


in 2016 101 no longer had the exact towel you are pointing at. I believe the supply ran dry or they changed the towel. There is something similar but by no means as good.

I have not been to 101 in 2017.


Try the rag lady


in my kitchen drawer


What’s so special about that specific towel. Wcr sells some good hucks


I could use 1-2 of what he is point at compared to 15 hucks


That’s terrible news. Those are by far my favorite. It has a tighter knit and more durable than a regular hick towel.


I thought it was a regular on hick towel. What’s it called/ made of. Now I’m curious.


Surgical towel aka huck towel. 100% tight ass cotton…no?



They are great towels I carry one daily…

I like huck towels to…


I’ve been fairly pleased with these:


Those look good !! Going to have to order some of those. :+1:


@wcs where did you buy them?


@Bryan7 I got those towels about 4 years ago from a local company, they no longer have them.
Good towels though.