When your wife runs the office


Curious how many have their wife running/working the office and how its been.

When we 1st started I was solo 1st year doing everything. 2nd year my wife quit her job to work for the company full time and has performed all the office tasks since.

Sometimes it does have its challenges and unfortunately you can sometimes treat a family member/spouse differently than you would an employee in that same position.

We have been very successful with this system both working for our company giving her a relaxed schedule so children have never been in daycare and gives us that flexibility that a small business can offer.

I still do all commercial bids, she easily does residential bids over the phone. She schedules customers, prepares taxes and payroll. 95% of our customers know my wife is in the office and I am on their sites with our crews.

We both have nice salaries 12 months a year, even though we really only work 9 months. Our Business has really given us an opportunity to raise our children with a very hands on approach being able devote time with them.


Yes, my wife runs the office, usually working on Mondays. She handles credentialing, accounts receivables and payable, payroll, IT, day-to-day accounting, and any HR issues. I still do the billing.

We don’t do residential, so I do commercial sales, and about half the estimating (ops manager does the other half, roughly).

It has worked very well; she’s way smarter than me.


I am still trying to get my wife to buy in to the idea. She is currently an administrative for a school.

I do believe if things start going well, she will play a part at some capacity.