When does spring season start?


So I have been reading on here but nothing I am reading is answering my question. When does the spring season start for window cleaners? Is it just flat out once it gets warm? Literal spring (the day spring hits on the calendar?) It is March 17th now. When is the best time for marketing (door hangers?) I am chomping at the bit for residential but I do not want to start to early. Hope some people can help. I am in Ohio. So it is still slightly chilly hear till April or so.


I’d start marketing now. Plan on returning for a second or third pass through an area as the weather warms up.


Spring marketing started March 15th for me.

Get the marketing machine moving now. People are searching for our services now.


People are looking now as mentioned, but in my area they wont have the work done till April and May because of the pollen.


March 1st for us. Starts with overtime and already being behind.

All depends on your target market and location really.


You don’t mention the region that you live in. Weather is different in different regions so a “starting period” will be different across the world (you’re pretty much asking a global community here).

If you are not snowing then I would say that is when you start. For me, (in Florida) I am pretty much year around as far as weather goes. June/July/August are my really slow periods and September through February stays busy, then it slows down for pollen (now to April) then picks up again before Summer.

So, I keep putting my presence out there as most people do not pull the trigger often for weeks or months after receiving my marketing material. Many do, several do not.
To put it in a fisherman’s metaphor - I don’t wait to see when they strike, I keep fishing for that next catch. I also try to sell quarterly maintenance each time so I have a handful of repeats out of the ones I land.

Long story short - if the weather is conducive, get out and land some jobs and have your presence and availability known.


he said ohio


work started last year for the season.

Completed more work last week then all of Feb.

Official start is Monday.


Did my first resi of the year Friday in Homer, Alaska.


As the years go by I’m finding I get more and more calls for residential in the winter. Still very few, but some. I actually did a $428 job about a month ago on a 40 degree day. Broke out my wfp. But my typical resi customer considers late March or later to be when it’s a consideration. Our weather here is similar to Northern Ohio’s


The answer to this is that there is no answer. It’s weather related, based on where you live. But plenty of factors go into this. This March I’m having a much busier year than in years past. Part of that is that the weather has been unseasonably warm here in Colorado but part of it is also that I have built my customer base. The more people that know you exist the better chance some small percentage of them will call in the winter. What you know about the beginning of this spring will give you more information about next year but it won’t be the whole story.


Great post Charles.

So true.


I really like they dont call in winter. Takes longer, costs more to service and cold weather isnt worth it for me.


if i remember right you’re in Minnesota? your winter is like 50-60 degrees colder than ours. we like winter work here.


How’s your March going so far compared to last year Ben.


Sir, go hang them door hangers! If it isn’t freezing your fluids, you can clean windows. Get your first job now. Take pics, get referrals, tag five up and five across. Repeat. Just think how toasty it will be when you go to do the inside windows. Go make money.


down from last year


Reason(s), in your opinion?


Yes it’s common for winters to be 0゚ or colder


jan and feb were both up 50% from 2017, we had a good march last year, we did $11760. by this date last year we did $6938, today we ended at $4423.

I think it’s mostly weather, we’ve had a lot of rain and a pretty constant threat of rain (even though it may not actually happen) i’ve heard more than a dozen times “let’s wait till the rain is done”. half of the people who wanted a call in march didn’t schedule for march, they scheduled for april may june and july.

i sceduled 6 jobs today, two for this week, three for april and one in june.

it’s forcasted to rain through this saturday…