When can ya do it


It’s what ya want to hear ! An you will hear it might take a few “ The last guy “. “ Wow “. “Wasn’t expecting it to be that much “.

The next one will be …when can you do it !!
Music sweet music :notes:.

You owe nobody an explanation for your pricing. The less said the better.
Have a good day , call me for the next one , I’ll be here. But guess who won’t be ?

If you give 10 estimates an you don’t hear at least one your prices are high then your prices are to low raise them.

Rant done !!!


Just did an estimate for a large 2 story Victorian home in a well to do neighborhood. All set up by phone, the potential customer(?) said “Barney” from “XYZ company” used to do it but she can’t get hold of him. Said he did it in 45 minutes and the windows were sparkling. Pbbbb. I get there and it is all old aluminum cut up windows (8 over 8) and years dirty. Only 6 screens, the rest of the windows screens were missing. I quoted $793 in/out, and $425 exterior only. Rather doubting I will hear back from her. 45 minutes, yea right, when pigs fly. “Barney” must have a crew of at least 4 or 5.


I just did an exterior only today for 325 . I gave her the estimate 2 weeks ago. When I pull up An look at the invoice I was like WTF was I thinking this is 225 at the most. I must of mixed her price up with another estimate I did. Woops !!! :thinking::rofl:
So I figured screw It just work out a multiple Cleaning discount for her after the high first clean, An give her a nice price for every 6 months , An she went for it. Gave her 20% off if she does it every six months :innocent:. Haaa which was the normal price. They were really dirty though !
What I’m getting at is therr are people out there that will pay you ya just have to find them.
Present yourself in a professional manner in every facet , An the “when can you do it will come “

An therr are the BSers like this one your talking about that ya just have to put in therr place.


Yep, yesterday’s Quarterly Maintenance added 23 glass balcony panels. Total with Qrtly Discount was $864; happily wrote the check and said see you in 3 months. :slight_smile:


I love people that get it !

It’s Window Cleaning !! what are we getting rich here. Whats the next good guys price 100 dollars less. What do some of these people do when they want a new bathroom, A new driveway , a new heating system.

I had a guy last year say to me when can ya do it , I’m not even wasting my time getting other estimates what is the next guy going to be 50 less. So what !!!

These are The customers we look for, the ones that understand you need to make a living too.


…and cuts corners and does a sub par job?
I won’t chase after that guy.


Nice thread men. I don’t run from storm windows, bring em’ on. Got money?