Whats your opinion on Pella's



I hate that style, I hate all Pellas that have the removable or hinged panels. But I hate the older clip-in style less.


I concur, I will know to charge more the next time I run into this style. This was my first time servicing these style. Homeowners must not like them as well because I have cleaned quite a bit of windows and these are the first I have came across.


they’re more expensive, that’s probably why you haven’t seen many. Everyone who i’ve met who has them seems to think of them like they’re impressive.


Pella has the worst engineered windows ever. Although the hinged ones are slightly less time consuming, the older ones with clips that have the pull strings for the Slim Shades are the absolute worst. I spend more time screwing with the strings than cleaning the window itself. I’ve see many aftermarket shades installed with the hinged units and you can’t open them unless the shade is removed, absolute nightmare. I have one house with a beautiful window in front of their kitchen sink that is dirty as hell between the panes, well the faucet is too close to the window so it can’t be opened unless they were to remove the faucet (the installer is an idiot for putting this window in). One of my contractors will no longer install any Pellas with removable panels in his builds.


your on point with that, the lady i worked for was impressed with them as well, she liked that they kept in the heat a lot better, but she didnt like the fact that she couldnt clean them herself and had to hire people like us to clean them.


this one had the string/cord on it as well where it wants to automatically close on ya…


I personally dislike the hinged Designer way more than the clip type. The clip type might be a finger destroyer, but I have less troubles cleaning them. Those slides on the newer ones are no fun, most of the time, to get separated. And they don’t open wide enough.

With your problem window over the sink… Can you crank open one side at a time, and separate the panes from the outside? I’ve had to do that on occasion for the same reason. Some dummy will screw the blind inside the inner frame and I’m not taking down blinds…


Here is another dumb design by Pella. Like they actually thought anyone could clean a 3’ tall window with the limiter string allowing it to open that far. Luckily the homeowner had a basket of towels so I could detach the string and lay it down. Laying a 35lb. window down like that is a little nerve racking.


good job


I have never dealt with the kind that open that way.

Don’t you just love the old desingers that are in the sliding doors? Those things have to weigh 50 pounds and I’m always worried one of those suckers is going to slip out of my hand, and break when it hits the floor…

That, and sometimes those seals in the old designers, stick like glue to the wood frame. Never broke one yet (knock on wood) but some flex enough you think they are going to shatter before you get them out.


I’ve got a yearly job where they had just 2 Pella sliding doors with the real slim clips that fit into a continuous groove. The clips would start to chew up the wood if you didn’t have them lined up just right. They were just narrower than my wingspan and very heavy. Such a stupid design. When they replaced them with something more human I wanted to do cartwheels.

Anyone remember Pella’s brilliant center-pivoting tilt-ins with the screens that got in the way of tilting them in? Another user-hostile design.


Pella had a few years where they installed an aluminum protector in that groove. As the wood in the window frame swells, they are an SOB to pull out and you can’t get the insert back in without bending them. Can’t tell you how many of those things I just tore completely out in order to get the window back in.

Pella also had a few powder coated frame option for the inserts. Did a CCU on a brand new house over 15 years ago and we could not get the panels back in. Ran into another one this summer, we got them out, but a few of them we couldn’t get them back in.