What's the best way to clean a skylight?


I just picked up my first monthly residential account and I’m having a little trouble with cleaning the inside of them. My ladder isn’t tall enough to reach all the way up so I have to use a pole while standing on the ladder. The problem I’m having is the I can’t squeegee the skylight because when I get the squeegee up there it’s pretty much right above my head and not the right angle to get with the squeegee. Anyone have any better way of doing it? Thanks in advance


Taller ladder or get a zero degree handle


Or you can get those Unger pads. Won’t be as clean as you like but it will do something


Longer pole and an Unger 0° handle.


Newbie, poles and skylights don’t mix wel.l I can see the drips on the walls already.

As far as access, you need a taller ladder.


I do agree with this reply.

Someone learning the skill of window cleaning should use a taller ladder for skylights etc, but also learn to pole at the same time.

Both skills are needed.


Danger - risk of falling and serious personal injury for a few $ only. Get a longer pole friend, preferably carbon and work from the ground. We dont want to lose you.


Maybe some Glim water (no soap or chems), a touch of microcrystalline powder, E Cloth (micro-fiber), and a long pole. Do it on a cloudy day or after dark. Apply the water with a Super System applicator. Not a lot. Just enough. Then buff it dry with the E Cloth. I have done this successfully before by just using a touch of microcrystalline powder in plain tap water with a cotton towel in the direct sun. I tried this approach because even with a ladder using Dawn I was getting way too much streaking. They came out crystal clear first time. I was amazed! Oh yeah. You can follow the links on the left side of the Glass Smart blog for GLIM and the E Cloth.



Get a stack ladder in there and squeegee by hand. That’s what I do.


Ii[quote=“5staraz, post:1, topic:46176”]
I have to use a pole while standing on the ladder.

Never use a pole off a ladder. Health and safety come first. Use deinonised water on a rag with your Fixi Clamp. Repeat until dry.


Use the Unger Indoor Cleaning kit.


I have found that using microfiber cleaning pads in conjunction with pure water can do a great job on skylights. The first time may take several steps to get the real bad residue off, but if it’s a maintenance job you should be good every time following.


If you have a WFP put a speed clean kit on it! That is an awesome way to not have to worry about drips either https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/unger-speedclean-window-kit.html

If you are under 10’ (I don’t know how tall your ladder is) go with a Stingray, that’s an all in one system. https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/unger-stingray-indoor-cleaning-kit.html

Let me know if you need any other help personally!! Shoot me a text 862-312-2026



Agreed. I use this system too. The Velcro on the Unger swivel applicator keeps the Unger pad in place perfectly.