What's the best squeegee in the world?



You did it wrong. It’s supposed to be

The best squeegee (pause).(period) In the world.

Wow, really long video this time. Still watching.


You really LOVE to stroke things don’t you!


Yup. Lol!!!


haha very true


Hey Trad-man, have you tried out to put a detergant one the applicator? I’m doing this because I don’t want to use dish soap in many cases. What do you think about it?


9/10 Agree held off on getting this beast for a long time… Now I kick myself cause its my goto tool for all pole work. I hold it on my belt in a hammer holder part of the AWP pouch and it stays put.


The best squeegee in the world would imply it can be used to replace all other tools, which it does not. Its a great tool and it replaces my older slimline channels. There are still larger panes, awnings and louvers which it can’t efficiency replace a large wide body or a different technique.

Don’t get me wrong I use my excellerator 80% of the time but there are situations when you encounter architectural featured glass where it just too small to be the best.

I would be more convinced if it came across as a true review with pros and cons, rather than more of an infomercial very steered towards the brand.