What's real weight WFP when using


See everyone going on about the weight of there WFPs.
But all the while people are putting excessive weight on the tops.
In the way of heavy brush heads, clunky swivels, other adds.
Some brushes that actually hold bit water.
And is it really necessary to agitate up & down seems very labour intensive?


Weight is a huge part of waterfed poles above 3 floors, working smarter.

The energy consumption is a big difference. Can determine how long one can work a pole before being tired and repetition body wear.

As far as brushes people are putting on the pole, I use 18" on every pole. This is a few inches larger than many stock poles but the slight weight increase is made up on less strokes for large windows.

When I hear guys adding spray bars and backside scrub systems the additional weight is a bit more but these are mainly used on residential I believe. The lower height of residential wfp work weight seems to be less of a factor possibly.


the only brush i have that seems too be stupid heavy is a hogs hair brush


The WFP brush I use most weighs only 105 grammes (3.7 ozs. )


If its not too much off topic, what brush are you guys using at hight? My tucker dual trim doesnt seem to provide much scrubbing power. I can go over some windows after presoaking 8 or so times and they will still be dirty, and as others said the addons get heavy after 3 stories…


If the windows are not coming clean then an add-on component (a stronger agitator) is your only option to clean the window.


I use Gardiner 18" flocked with 2 pencil and 2 fan jets. When working higher, we find stiffer pole, larger distance from working surface and appky some downward pressure to pole helps in getting more pressure to glass.

Just finished a 5 story hospital that was last cleaned 3 years ago. Alot of scrubbing but using these techniquests gave great results.



Gardiner Xtreme at the end of my pole.
Depending on the job, a swivel gooseneck is added. Sometimes a rinse bar too. As it is so light, there is no problem with standard up and down brushing or lifting off the glass for rinsing.


What weight is that 18 inch brush then??


No idea, light


Just comparing
In the process developing water fed scrubber made out of an old 18 inch Ettore T-Bar handle cut off.
With 20inch scrubber pad, weight of this 200 grams or 6.8 oz… dry.


Have you tried the Tucker dual trim hogs hair brush? Not the one that is hogs hair only on the exterior bristles but the one that is full hogs hair? I checked it out yesterday at the local supply store and it looks awesome. Hogs hair really does good on scrubbing the glass and getting dirt build up off. On some jobs it may take prescrubbing will the hoga hair and soap. Some times water only does remove dirt build up as well.

Another great brush for dirt removal is the speed brush made by IPC Eagle I believe. Not sure if it’s still sokd but I have an old one and it has done a fantastic job on a few commercial jobs I have. I did one job and it hadn’t been cleaned in like 5 years. It did better than the hogs hair on that job and it took the dirt and polution build up off.


Gardiners brushes for me
Although scrubbing requirements in the uk are usually less as the US market usually an annual or bi annual clean means they really need a good hammering.
Although the hot water system we use really helps us with first cleans.

Mr B


i have and i love it. it has the best glide of any boars hair brush i’ve used bust scrubs just as good or better


Sorry for the delayed reply! I will look at the speed brush. I have thought about the duel trim tucker but I will be working high up so i wasnt sure if that was a good idea. I may end up trying several, which is fine as it will pay for itself many times over. I think i will try the speed brush first. I like that its supposed to use the side of the bristle as well as opposed to just the tip for the other synthetic brushes.