What's inside the Tradmobile?



Nice set up but the last 6 minutes of the video is all black screen, to bad you couldn’t edit that out.


Yeah, but some other music kicked in part way to the end.
Still, would have liked that edited out for limiting bandwidth consumption.

Thanks for sharing the setup though, because it is nice to see the differences of how the pros roll.


Sorry about that, it’s been fixed :wink:


apologies, i don’t know what happened. Been fixed now. Thanks for watching


Makes me regret selling mine, such a nice set up


I love the wee thing, never fails. As reliable as the postman haha


Where can I buy that Groovy Sound Track Tradman?.. LOL
It’s " get up and go " Music. Makes me want to get Rollin.
But so would some Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Rush !

Nice set-up !


It’s from epidemic sounds online. It’s £10 per month for non copyrighted music


Oh I just realised I just put some random music in my videos, um I hope I don’t get charged for royalties or anything like that.


Yeah getting music can be a pain