What was the last vacation you took? And when?


taking 4 days off at home for 4th of July… camping and fishing for 4 days this summer in South Missouri… just booked a 7 day anniversary trip for me and my wife to florida in january… oh and I am taking more vacations in the next 6 months that I took the the previous 5 years… lol


Cuba, 1st time two years ago. A second trip is due .


Last week


I just got back yesterday from a 2-week family road trip.

From Bozeman Montanna to New Jersey. It was great we took an assortment of rental cars and trains all the way home. When I was a kid my parents never really took as anywhere. So I figured I wanted to show my daughters the entire country before they are 18. We’ve been actively trying to spend at least 2-3 days or more sleeping in and exploring all 50 states.


Awesome! Is it truly big sky country?


Absolutly - I guess it all perception though because its just so flat with huge mountains everywhere around the flatness.


Don’t if this was exactly a vacation but we visited family in Washington state last February for about 10 days. Drove into Vancouver CA for one night. Snowed and rained a lot during our trip but it was pretty relaxing for the most part. Caught a salmon and baked him for dinner. Went sledding at 10pm, made snowmen and had great coffee and beer.

A nice break from Florida “winter”.


Hope you guys have a telescope for skies like that


Returning home today from pee’ing in the Atlantic. Dreams do come true


We have done Ireland two years in a row. Couldn’t afford it, but it was worth it!


Staying at my grandma’s in February is not relaxing :joy: She is very frugal meaning her house is :snowflake:️:snowflake:️:snowflake:️ The fact that my husband includes this trip as a vacation…well that’s true love lol


We lived there for four years and are looking forward to the visit. Part vacation, part catching up with old friends. When the weather is nice, it’s the most beautiful place. But when that week ends, the bad weather makes it tough.


Enjoy, Seth! We love upstate NY, VT, and NH



The last full week was OBX in 2013. The last few full weeks were there as well and the next one, maybe next year will probably also be there :slight_smile:
My wife and I and sometimes a few other friends have been doing weekends on occasion at the Finger Lakes, mainly Watkins Glen. It’s beautiful with vast varieties of wineries and waterfalls. I think we need to check out other places before we have had our sufficiency, though.
We made it to the Huge Convention last summer and the one before and they were partly vacation.


We went on a cruise in May, just got back from Northern Ca., and San Francisco, 2 weeks ago, and in a few weeks we will be going to Fl., for our annual anniversary trip. I try to take about 4 vacations or so every year with my family. Once you have the right guys in place, and your business is humming, the business doesn’t need to close, the owner just goes out of town.

Guys, don’t just own a job, own a business, go get some great people, train them, and get to making this business take care of you!!



Hey Buddy, are you going to the Show in New Orleans? I hope you are, would like to spend time with you. It’s 45 minutes from my home base, so you know I’ll be there.



So I was was wrong. We’ll be checking out MA (Boston), NH, and VT. Not NY. What do I know? My wife he been planning the trip.


When in September?

We’ll be at wifey’s parent’s house in Rockport MA the second week of.


Our vacations usually revolve around an industry event now.

Perfect example… NOLA.

Even this past winter on our honeymoon we stopped in at ICE to chill with Thad, Curt, Cole, Cody, Allison and that bunch lol.

It works though. Vacations are now tax writeoffs.


Bummer, Charlie!
We’re not making it this year. Rain check on hanging out for sure!