What was the last vacation you took? And when?


Many of our customers are small business owners, like ourselves. Many of mine have frequently said they don’t take vacations because they can’t afford to close business.

Do you feel the same? Or do you have a tried and true strategy for taking time off?

Last one i took that i viewed as a real vacation was 2015. Road trip with wife - niagara falls, Chicago (cub’s game), Pittsburgh zoo, D.C. - 2 weeks.



A week every February. Residential is slow but about to pick up, it’s far enough from Christmas, and I can rearrange my routes so I don’t miss anything. Usually go to Cali and legoland, seaworld, da beach. etc.


In a few weeks I’m road tripping with my family to explore upstate NY, Vermont, and New Hampshire for a week.

Then in September I’m heading to an all inclusive in Mexico with my wife for 4-5 days for our anniversary.

What’s that saying? All work and no play sucks! Or something like that.


Negril Jamaca. 2003


Ireland for a week in September.
Marrakech, Morocco for a week in late November.

Usually leave on a wed return on a wed. Shift work around so I don’t fall too far behind. I’m mostly storefront so it’s a juggling act.


Whats vacation?


Afew months ago me and my wife took our kids to legoland. They were horrible the whole time. :triumph:


Every couple of months we get away from the area to clear our heads and relax for a long weekend. Every winter for about a month we travel. We shoot for February.

If we work too much we end up feeling like we want to escape it. Work just enough and you’ll maintain a love for it.


Well, maybe if you had taken them to a place they wanted to go, instead of somewhere you wanted…:roll_eyes:


What is this word “vacation” you speak of? To be honest I think of work as a vacation. Its easy and I make money. Every time I go some where I’m exhausted when I get back and I’m broke. Lol. Lets see the last time I left on a “real vacation” was 2002. The wife and kids go on vacation a lot so that is sort of like having a vacation.:wink:


Dam I thought I was bad. Dominican Republic 2007.


I don’t awaken with a chalk line around me, a vacation is my next goal. :wink:


Not a real big fan of bed bugs


vacations suck, all I do is think about work the while time, can never really enjoy it.


You have to allow your mind to go on vacation too, otherwise all you will do is obsess over work and not enjoy it.


“Better is a handful of rest, than two handfuls of hard work and striving after the wind”

We went to the Cape for a few days in May. We tend to take a few mini trips throughout the year, versus longer excursions. But I think we’re due for a nice long getaway soon.


Was supposed to have a half day today, nope, found myself washing my moms house and windows. On me of course :wink:.
Work never ends…


We do spring break every year this year Florida last year Punta Cana. Usually do the cabin most weekends June July and August and am at the cabin now for a week and a half.

The crew keep jobs going the entire time, just set up rather simple stuff


Go to the ant, you lazy one.


Going to Vegas for a few days for a UFC event next week. Will be taking calls the whole weekend though.