What to pay subcontractors?


Hi guys! What do you usually pay subcontractors when they do a job?


Here we go again


I’m new here… Sorry I haven’t read anything about it before. If you know the answer or another feed that discusses this please share it here. I haven’t been able to find a good one in my searching. So yeah, I’m just asking for help, because isn’t that what this forum is for?



I have been a 1099 twice in my career. First time was 75% and it worked out very well. Second time was 60% but I ended up having to fight with the guy all the time over what I could and couldn’t do as he had no idea how to window clean and got stupidly ridiculous jobs like 5 story brownstones, wall cleaning in a tennis center, etc. if I needed to ‘borrow’ his employee on jobs I’d only get 30%.


Subs get 10% and no more.


Wow. I want some help too.


I was just be8ng sarcastic. We recently had a post about this that got going back and forth pretty good. I was just stirring the pot a little. Just being mischievous.