What to do with used DI resin


Hi all.
Just a quick post to see what is the best way to get rid of used DI resin. In these days of plastic beads being a big issue with regards to the ecological systems, what ways are out there to dispose of , to what is in all respect, plastic beads?


There is nothing you can do with them that will not be detrimental to
the environment. Something fun to think about when one finds oneself
being all righteous about how the huge megacorps are only interested in money
no matter what the cost to the ecosystem.


Quote from water treatment guide dot com. - “Softening Resin Disposal. It is a non-hazardous product that you can throw out with regular trash.”


Three things can be done.
1 Put it in the trash. Our resin is considered regular trash because we are not filtering heavy metals (unless you live somewhere where there are heavy metals in your water. Then it’s hazardous waste.
2 Send it to the hazardous recyclers that recycle paint, electronics, etc. Resin can be recycled but it’s not a common material like HDPE.
3 Send it to a facility for recharging.

Most everyone opts for option 1.


That refers to soft water not DI resin…


Same thing…only different. :slight_smile: Just asked Alex at WCR. He said it’s plastic, non-toxic; throw it in the trash. There ya go.


Right, the beads are plastic and non-toxic…Yet highly disruptive to any ecosystem… do a little research on the effects of micro-plastic particles in the environment and you will see what I am talking about. Sending things to the trash is no help to the environment.