What size PVC or Conduit for rack


I wanted to know what size PVC tube most of you use when adding it to a ladder rack. I want to hold extension poles or extra sections of WFP. What is the most practical diameter? Thanks.


4" 10 feet


Are you trying to hold both in the same tube?


Only looking to have one tube. Using ladders on the other side.


I took my longest pole, Xero 40, and added an inch on both sides. Not sure of the actual length but I have 4 poles in a 6 inch conduit and could fit more.


@Cinder This is the correct answer. You can cut the tube shorter if you want to (so your poles dont slide to the end when you brake, and you cant reach them).

The 4" “Solid Sewer Pipe” has a flared end that can accomodate your closure, and then a 4" cap for the other end. Also, put some foam or something in your end cap, otherwise if you brake hard your poles will smash through the cap.

I will see if I have some pics of my roof tube…

I don’t know if you can see, but I have a screw end for the opening, with a chain link so I don’t lose the lid. It holds a 30’ pole, a 18’ and my small wooden pole with room to spare.

I also made use of the new real estate to advertise my services and phone number. It is REALLY visible, and people comment on it all the time.


@DanTheWindowMan @ChrisTripleC thanks for the great ideas and tips. I think I am going to go with the 6” and use the foam in the ends. I also like to larger diameter for more gear and more room for company logo. Thanks.


Home Depot or Lowes sales a kit with mounting for a ladder rack that is sharp and can be locked.


Here ya go. 3 different sizes on Amazon Prime

My only issue with these carriers is that you have to take the brush off the pole each time you store it. Or leave the cap hanging open, which sort of defeats the purpose.


I actually ordered that same exact kit 6". I will post pics when its all done. Thanks