What size pump for WFP?


So I want to start running my WFP off of a buffer tank and plan on running a 12V pump from the buffer tank to the WFP tank. What GPM and what PSI would you guys consider sufficient to run a wfp? I was looking at 1GPM @ 40psi but that may be too low?


I use a 1.8 gpm 100 psi shurflo with an analog control from a 12v battery. The control is $12 on amazon and is easily wired. I used an 20 dollar tool box from a big box store for a housing. It has a bypass valve so you don’t need a buffer tank as long as the pump pushes out enough. I use 4 tucker pencil jets and it works just fine at about 75% power. It also self primes which is great.


So you think 2GPM would be enough to supply the WFP?


Excessive but works, add flow controller for best performance


This is probably the best setup for a tank based system. The advantage to a pump control is longer battery life and you use less water.


There is a huge ROI for WFP, so I’d recommend purchasing the best equipment from the get-go and that would include a digital flow-controller. I purchased mine from WCR 5 years ago and I’ve had no problems other than my faulty wiring connection that I’ve had to fix.


What kind of set up are you trying to run? Number of jets on your brush, one or more poles? 2 gpm would work, but as Jeff said it would be overkill likely. No matter what you get, make sure to get some kind of flow controller!


each pole need about 40 psi at the the brush