What size pump for WFP?


So I want to start running my WFP off of a buffer tank and plan on running a 12V pump from the buffer tank to the WFP tank. What GPM and what PSI would you guys consider sufficient to run a wfp? I was looking at 1GPM @ 40psi but that may be too low?


I use a 1.8 gpm 100 psi shurflo with an analog control from a 12v battery. The control is $12 on amazon and is easily wired. I used an 20 dollar tool box from a big box store for a housing. It has a bypass valve so you don’t need a buffer tank as long as the pump pushes out enough. I use 4 tucker pencil jets and it works just fine at about 75% power. It also self primes which is great.


So you think 2GPM would be enough to supply the WFP?


Excessive but works, add flow controller for best performance