What should I charge?


This would be my first time cleaning a chandelier. Thoughts on price? I don’t need a “charge what you think is profitable…” yada yada yada. It’s the only thing she’s needing so I imagine since it’s not an add-on that I would charge a higher price, correct?


If you already know what everyone is going to say, why ask?

No one can value your time and effort, better than you.

Just going there to clean the light? You don’t think anyone here would do it for 20 or 30 dollars, do you?


I’d be 50-75. 50 for a long time repeat customer, more for a once off.


What is your minimum service call charge?


I’ll say this, since you have never cleaned one of these before:
I have a client that has the same light, in the same place. Other than where the top window is, there is a shelf there, that she has a lot of decorative stuff on, and the window has one of those fake stained glass inserts over it.

DO NOT spin/rotate the light. The chain/cord it’s hung from is not very sturdy. Be very careful cleaning it. As much as these cost, you would think things would be more sturdy and built better. Take your time, and BE CAREFUL.


I was thinking around that price too. Thanks!


Thank you for the tip. I plan on working around it with minimal turning!


I haven’t established one yet. This is my second year as a window cleaner.


That is a mistake. You should have a minimum for each type of work. You should know before your first year is up, how much you have to make, before your keys gets in the ignition…

I won’t roll for less than 199, unless I am going that way and it’s a quick in and out in an hour or less.


You should work that out over the average of about 20-30 assorted jobs.

Many people run a $100.00 minimum, some a $50.00 minimum.
I know most plumbers in my area charge $100-$125 minimum to show up for the first hour. It is a service business that a stocked vehicle is required to handle what ever job they are faced with when they show up on site. Window cleaning, same thing.

Things to consider for your minimum:

  • Gas to and from for the quarter (IRS lets you claim 55¢ per mile, is that enough?)
  • Investment in equipment and supplies (Reasonable ROI for the quarter?)
  • Insurance (Both business and auto)
  • Essential costs (Marketing, etc.)
  • Your labor needs
  • Profit to keep the business running

So yea, we all need to have a minimum service call to run a solvent business, otherwise it is just a hobby. It is up to each of us to determine what that is. Don’t be afraid to experiment. $35? $50? $75? $100? Do it wrong, record cost vs income and you should figure it out pretty quickly by next quarter.
P.S. $1.66 per minute = $99.60 per hour (60 minutes). (Round up to $100) :wink:

Some jobs may be best served to waive the full minimum, (like one lamp with a ladder) but a worthy minimum should be adhered to.


hate that kind of tedious work.

just scraped some painted stain glass garbage. wasnt fun. since it was ladder work and im doing a boatload of work i charged 300

but if im only going there for one thing min of $125

especially since you’ve taken the time too drive there for a proposal i assume anyway


I thought you meant for something like a chandelier or add-on that you would go to do by itself. I have a pretty good idea in terms of windows and gutters what’s my minimum. But I’ll take any advice, so thanks for the input!!


Me too! I might go $99 and she if she balks


Minimum is minimum to take time out of your schedule, drive to, do, drive back, make a profit or worthwhile dollar.


$75 bout right if you have to get up there with a ladder and take the light apart. I charge extra if I have to disassemble any part of the light to clean the inner panes. Probably $25 just for a wipe down of outside glass.


$75 minimum for this to dismantle and clean, Should take no more than 30 min. Tell the customer to purchase bulbs and YOU will replace them for FREE while you are there…


So…bump here. Did you do the fixture? Tell us about it. Inside and out, or just the outside? I see a lot of inner dust. What did you charge? Would you do it again? Just curious. I love doing fixtures. I charge a bundle.


we started at $35 then went to $50 then for a few days $75 then up to $100 for a few months then $120 for 6 months and now we’re at $150 it feels good to know all our jobs (other than storefronts) will be at least 150 and it weeds out the tiny time waster jobs


I did inside and out for $125. Took me about an hour because I didn’t try and twist it at all just to be safe. I didn’t mind it at all! Will definitely incorporate into my add-ons. Thanks for your input, everyone!


Proud of ya man. Good job, good price.