What Pressure Washer are you using these days?


I am in the market for a new pressure washer and looking for any feedback on good/bad experiences with machines you have used or are currently using. The reason I am making this new purchase is I have been doing a lot more work in my local shore town and with my little 3GPM 3500PSI my low pressure stream seems to get cut right down with the sea breeze. I like to do a low pressure soap and wash on most of my siding jobs and its just not cutting it!

I have looked at a few NorthStar Super High Flow Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer — 3000 PSI, 5.0 GPM, Honda Engine, Model# 15782030- running about $1600. Would you think 5GPM is enough or should I go straight for the 4000psi 7GPM unit for about $3500…?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

PS: I do mostly res, not that much commercial work.

Yes, I did post this in PWRA but I would like to hear everyones opinion :grin:


Whenever I finally do upgrade machines, it’ll be the skid mount version of this: http://stores.kecsupplies.com/eb5525hg-5-5-gpm-2500-psi-gx390-honda-gp-pump/


www.PowerWash.com is a great place to start. I have (2) 4gpm 4000psi cold water washers. My next one will be a 5.5 gpm.


Yup i have two Honda GX 390s. Also. 4 gallon min. Whisper wash surface cleaner


I read a lot about the 8 gallon that the guys that went from a 5.5 to an 8 wish they did so sooner


BTW. Anyone do this yet ? I’m curious … This looks cool .


Now I just found this an understand it more. This guy is cool I like this Michael Kriesle guy. God stuff Seems like a reall good dude. Any way this video explains it


Did they actually answer, or did you have to give a
Name rank , an serial number. A few strokes on the back an a your the best .


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8gpm to me just seems a little excessive. I guess if they do a lot of surface washing it might be worth it. Wondering what PSI they are normally getting out of an 8gpm.


I’m not sure just go to pressure Teks website an look at the 8! Gallon a machines he sells.

I don’t think it’s excessive. Remember it’s all about flow the more water the faster you can do things. never worked with an 8. I would love to just see what it could do for a day though

I’m making money with my 4s though. Good money :+1:


Nice … Since you got that infinity and beyond thing going. Zip over to my place an knock out mine :face_with_thermometer:


8gpm is awesome. It really does make a 4 feel like a toy.

But it’s a pretty major investment in setup. You need a dedicated vehicle or trailer and at least a 125 gallon buffer tank (large, and heavy).

You should only go high volume if you are going big on pressure washing. It’s not suitable for an “add on” approach to washing.


We surface clean at 1200 psi with ours. Rarely clean anything at higher than about 2k. Psi isn’t that important.


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Yes. A normal spigot can’t keep up. The tank feeds the machine. We start with 100 gallons and hook the tank up to local water source. Can usually work all day without running out of water that way. But we are almost always on city water with good flow.


Yes, GPM is more important than PSI… and the more flow you have the faster you rinse… but for a lot of these guys starting out …8 GPM is probably not in their budget. I would say if you are just doing House Washing… 4GPM will get you by until you build up enough work to upgrade


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This is a good question. I have interest in maybe someday offering power washing, but I’m afraid if I do work in the city, I’m going to have to reclaim water myself. I’m sure there is some law that would make me do this to avoid the run off into the city drains.

I hope someone has an answer for your question.


We have a small scale reclaim system. Thinking about getting a bigger one if I end up going after bigger accounts like Parking Garages. You can build your own with a shop vac and some sand bags. Vox me and I can explain it more to you