What made you become a business owner?


I’m curious about the pros and cons you guys experienced on being a sole owner of a business and also on having a partner. Perks of being your own boss solo? Cons? Benefits of a partnership? And cons of a partnership? Also what made you want to become a business owner and not just have a steady salary? Thanks!




I’m with Malcolm, I like the fact I can say when I work.


Went in Business in 1993. Can not imagine working for anyone else. But, I also believe that those who own and operate a successful business are deeply committed and driven individuals. Made me go into business ? I guess its more like need to. I think an entrepreneur needs to. Kind of Driven. Although my Window Cleaning Business was my first venture into that Freedom. It wasn’t enough for me. I needed to allow that to come out in other creative outlets by starting other businesses. I had the bug early as I look back at the 12 year old version of me pulling a lawn mower behind my Huffy doing lawns in my neighborhood ( My Route ! LOL )


One day.
I wore a suit - hated it
Walked a career fair and was given pens by people I felt were below me - bored
Sat down to write a resume and found I am lazy

Never looked back


Was making $15 an hour cleaning windows while the owner was sitting on a cooler eating a banana watching me make 3000$ For him. Quit the next day and started my own business. I wake up when ever I want, I didn’t get into Window cleaning to wake up early


Same. Still working for someone but when the time comes - freedom. My hours, my time, my work.


My story is a little different. When I was 16 a friend of my parents contacted them and told them that he washed windows and had about 15 clients or so, but he was getting an internship at 3M and wouldn’t be able to wash anymore, and he wondered if I would want to train under him and take over. I agreed. I was currently working at the rec center in town (the same town that these window washing clients are) and Decided it would be an interesting summer job. I have always loved to do new things and I’ve always searched out interesting ways to place my creative energy. I am currently studying to be a computer animator while washing windows, working 50 hours a month at the rec center life guarding and also work a couple hours a week bottling wine at the local winery. For the first two years I just washed the monthly clients I had, never advertised, wore my normal clothes, and got a decent amount of work from people simply walking up to me while washing or calling me. But this year I decided that I was tired of working so many different jobs, I was tired of people asking me if I had the equipment to wash their windows because they thought I was just the kid from down the street washing their house for a few bucks, and I was tired of my job description to people who ask being so long. I want to be a window washer, not a lifeguard who also washes windows and also bottles wine and also helps coach the little kids on the swim team I used to swim for and am studying animation. So I moved into my own place so that I am not mooching off of my parents, I got myself branding, designed my own website using wix, ikesww.com started a facebook page, got a uniform, had my girlfriend design up some stuff for me (she’s a graphic designer) and began going around to business in town. I have grown my client base to 22 clients and have several close to closing clients (one of which is the rec center I work at). The amount of money I can make per hour makes me feel so honored and I love this job. If my animation aspirations fall through or take a while to come to fruition this is what I want to do full time. I get to choose my hours, I don’t have to rely on others, I am responsible for every aspect of my business. I get to choose how much I make based on how hard I work and how I set my prices. It is a fantastic job for a young man with goals and aspirations to have. So I became a business owner on a whim, but it is now something I love to do. The end. bows


Got tired of driving a friggin taxi.