What is this?


final cleaning on these doors and it’s the only thing I cannot get off. Tried magic eraser, steel wool, mop and squeegee, isopropyl alcohol. Weird is that it looks like soap runs but sideways.



Interior single pane? Tempered? Who is the mfg? Maybe be cleaning company etch if they are using cleaners with fluorides…


What are these used for? Are they moved? That might help. Like hockey glass is moved and stacked a lot.


Tempered glass. Storefront doors. These were installed within the past few days. I took some before shots and these sideways stains were there before I began.


These are doors. Big glass doors. This is only showing on these doors and not the big windows I did last week for this high end clothing store.


before shot of sideways stains


Geez…did they forget to clean the inside of that glass before glazing it??? Sheesj


Yeah is that a defect in between the panes?