What is the Best WATER FED POLE in your opinion?


Ah…missd that one. Good point. Thanks.


ptfe tape? I’ve been using teflon tape, the stuff you put on pvc pipe threads to keep it from leaking…is it the same stuff?


Teflon is a name brand for Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Just like Kleenex is a brand name for tissue paper or Vaseline for petroleum jelly etc…


So, yes then right?:rofl:


None, they are all yet to make a pole that weighs less than 12lbs, up to 75ft working height that breaks down into sections less than 6.5 ft to fit in a standard bed pickup.

Viper and Simpole are the closest but Simpole has horrid clamps Viper can’t fit that short. All others too expensive. Simpole supposedly has better clamps now.

Tucker is good alternative but doesn’t quite meet those standards, and new clamps are $25 each yikes. I think the prefect pole would be 75’, 11lbs able to break down to >6.5’, and cost around $2k or less with excellent clamps and rigidity.

A pole under 45ft come a dime a dozen they all work fine. Fiberglass heavy and sloppy compared to carbon fiber but at 40ft not too bid of a deal, most of the time.

Dropping sections (modular?) to lighten load, great clamps, 65-75ft, >12 lbs, breakdown to >6.5’ even in two or three pieces, and $2k or less = perfect pole.

I will buy this if it exists!


Jaran, the Nlite himod is 10.8 pounds at 75’ and it colapses to 6.5’. The clamps are amazing too! The price of under $2k isn’t even close to possible with those specs, this one is $5,242.95

It’s kinda like saying you want a car that can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds, and has 700HP, and costs $25,000…It exist’s, but you have to pay for it.



Does it come apart aka drop sections as you go down? The Simpole is like 2k. So is the viper. 5200, that’s insane. That’s like paying for a Ferrari when I just need a Corvette. I know Chevy can make a modular pole.


Unrealistic expectations. Have you looked into what it takes to build a water fed pole? It’s an expensive process.

If you’re not ready to invest as much as it costs then you’re not ready to clean windows at 75 feet. At these heights you need the top top of the line. You’re talking about a bargain deal for super sensitive, high risk wfp work. Those two things don’t go together in the real world.


I have one already. Just don’t like the clamps. It met all other
expectations including price.

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