What is the Best WATER FED POLE in your opinion?


Does it come apart aka drop sections as you go down? The Simpole is like 2k. So is the viper. 5200, that’s insane. That’s like paying for a Ferrari when I just need a Corvette. I know Chevy can make a modular pole.


Unrealistic expectations. Have you looked into what it takes to build a water fed pole? It’s an expensive process.

If you’re not ready to invest as much as it costs then you’re not ready to clean windows at 75 feet. At these heights you need the top top of the line. You’re talking about a bargain deal for super sensitive, high risk wfp work. Those two things don’t go together in the real world.


I have one already. Just don’t like the clamps. It met all other
expectations including price.

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