What is the Best WATER FED POLE in your opinion?


Hi I am on the hunt for a new water fed pole something that will get me easilly three story’s + for commercial and two story’s for residential? I was looking for something rigid but trying to stay away from carbon fiber because of the price for now. I know some day I will eventually have to get a full carbon fiber pole. In your opinion what would you recommend?

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The Ettore Aquaclean series of poles are a great and affordable lineup.



A buddy of mine just got one, it is half the weight of my excel carbon fiber. Supper nice and light. I know they may still seem a little high but they are worth it. Don’t buy something today you’ll hate tomorrow.


Nlite is awesome! Light and stiff.


Thanks Josh I’ll take it into consideration.


I was thinking of an Ettore Aquaclean but I had not found any reviews on it.


Buy a tucker if you want price.


And Big Muscles, I hear! :wink:


Wait for Unger to release their new pole… It will be worth the wait!


6 years on…how would we answer now??


Interesting question. Lots of changes since your question in 2012. I went Unger NLite. Then Gardiner SLX. What next? Still checking out options…


Someone should do a comparison with the slx vs xero. A friend of mine bought a xero and it reminded me of my old slx.


I would speculate the poles are quite similar. After all , the technology is not exactly new. Clamp quality is always a key.

The other factor that I love with Gardiner is the quik loc heads. It really is a tremendous feature that I’m honestly surprised isn’t replicated by the comp that I’ve seen.

Add to that all of the Gardiner accessories, and it’s no real comparison to me.


Check the specs on the pole you buy. Alot of poles on the market will have a good length/ height for a good price but the thinner higher sections are really flimsy.


Here’s a Euro thread on my Unger NLite pole tip. What winds me up is when the brush is not quite tight enough on the thread but the brush is already at right angles to the gooseneck. Tightened sufficiently the brush is skewed. This is the main reason I love QL and hardly use the NLite any more.


That is a great video with the comparison With the Xtreme and Ultimate.

I own both of the polls, Very accurate description of both. I was very surprised at how stiff the Ultimate is even fully extended


I have a HUGE selection of water fed poles here in my office. I buy every new pole that comes out. For the most part they are all the same. They all come out of the same 3 factories. I measure and log everything about every pole on the market.

  1. Length
  2. Individual section length
  3. Weight
  4. Clamp type
  5. Pole ID
  6. Pole OD
  7. Wall thickness


The XERO Pro & The Gardiner SLX are virtually identical. With 2 main differences.

Gardiner has Horizontal Clamps & XERO Pro has Vertical clamps.
Gardiner is measured in reach & XERO is measured in actual length.

If I took the clamps and the label off both poles you would never be able to tell the difference between the 2.



Yeah, pretty much. Looking at the Xero, could have sworn I was looking at an SLX. But my wallet didn’t hurt.


I really like my Zero high modulus pole. So much better than what I used before.


Isn’t the big differences weight, stiffness and cost