What is Fabricating Debris? (Huge Newbie)


What IS fabricating debris, in the simplest terms? Thank you so much, I’m pretty clueless.


I’ve attached a document I use to explain FD to my customers. Let me know if it helps.Tempered Glass Informational Bulletin.docx (363 KB)


It’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

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BillyBob Take a read here

It explains everything about fabricating debris rather simply:

Fabricating Debris | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products


It’s pure evil. Simply put its little particles of glass on glass that when you scape you scratch windows.

Always be on the look out for it. I ruined a some glass before I knew about it.

If you hear a scratching sound when scraping STOP!!!


Don’t rely on sound though as it’s not a consistent symptom. Sometimes you don’t hear it.


mistersqueegee, with your permission i would like to use that document for my customers as well. would you mind?


Let me google that for you


You got it.


[MENTION=71]mistersqueegee[/MENTION] more than three years from this post, and that informational bulletin is still awesome! I was wondering If I could use it as well, you did a great job on this, it is very well put together.


He’s not on this site anymore but you can go ahead and use that for your own personal use.


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That’s what I’m talking about! Thanks [MENTION=4869]Tastycruton[/MENTION]

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