What has and has not worked?


I am interested in hearing stories about what has worked for growing your business and what’s has not worked.


As far as what specifically?
Growing routes?

Not everyone here targets the same type of client, or the same type of work.


What worked for me? Not wasting time or money with third parties like Home Advisor or property management companies.

What worked for me? Joining the Chamber of Commerce and networking with other business owners.

I could elaborate but as stated it would be helpful if you narrow your search to marketing, employees, etc.


I was talking specifically about marketing. my wife and I are buying a commercial route from a retiring window cleaner at the beginning of 2019.
Door hangers?
Yard signs?
BNI meetings?
Chamber of Commerce?
Gated communities?


buying route for base work and wondering how to reach out to resi?


We joined Angie’s List in 2010 and although we had to do ‘loss leader’ coupons and pricing, our customer base steadily grew once people found out how reliable we are. People here are (justifiably) skeptical with all the scam artists posing as contractors.

Unfortunately Home Advisor merged with AL, so now the company is based on how much you can pay to get higher in the list, vs how good a job you do with ‘A’ ratings.

Total scam. Steer clear. Nextdoor has worked fairly well but nobody knows us at all and treats us with that same skepticism we dealt with in the beginning.


In my very small town what works for me is FB ads with a fresh picture almost every week, networking and word of mouth.

Every business has to find the marketing activities that work in their specific market. This usually requires accepting that there will be some missed through the trial and error phase.


My suggestion is avoid BNI.