What exactly are storm windows?


I used the search bar but only found discussion about pricing for storm windows etc. What exsctly are they and how do I deal with them if I run into a house that has them. Right now I only have a few storefronts but am about to go residential and want to be prepared for what I may run into. Thanks.


Do you live where winter temperatures dip well below freezing on a regular basis? They don’t have storm windows down south.


Unfortunately some morons do


I live on outskirts of Memphis, TN. Yeah it will get below freezing but not often. Rarely snows.


For short and simple and sweet.

The basic concept of a storm window is when ever here is a secondary pane of glass out side over the original window…

Basically when you are inside the house and you open your window for fresh air, there’s another window you must open before you get fresh air.




That was very helpful!


There are many many styles and ways of doing it. So have 4 moving panes two outside two inside that all slide all over back and forth. Some you have to unscrew 8 screws to remove them. Some that have a twist handle you spin till they pop out!!

And it just goes on!! We should make this the official storm window picture thread! Lol I’ll get pictures of my jobs as I run into them!


I hope I don’t accidently bid a job with them. You just kinda learn how to deal with them through experience?


Yeah, in my experience just don’t deal with them or use a hammer to remove debris


Haha. You are right for sure. SO many styles, all bad, some terrible.

I did some yesterday that were different. Turns out the HO felt the original windows were poorly made so he has storms custom made at a local glass shop.

There truly is no end to the variety of styles. And, as a rule of thumb, you can never seem to bid enough.


I could not have expressed this better myself.

I did a house the other day for a customer, full deep clean.

Her plans…

Have special custom wooden and stained glass installed as storm windows and seal them… which means you’ll never be able to remove them to clean in between. Ever…

She claimed that ever ten years she’ll have them redo the seals and have them cleaned then… okay sounds great thanks for the huge chunk of cash for this deep clean. It’ll be 10x the price by then! Bye!

Looks like these but brand new and then actually install them and seal them in…


We got lots of storms in Texas. Sadly.