What do you when it's raining?


I went out to eat (they have unlimited taco’s at a place here) and read a Zig Ziglar book. More and more I am starting to understand the business is less about window cleaning and more about sales.

SALES SALES SALES if you are not a good salesperson you will need to become one.


I was grateful for the last rain day…was finally able to catch up on stuff.


Yup, if no-one sells the jobs, it’s hard to make money.


I love Zig Ziglar because he keeps the art of salesmanship simple!

Keep It Simple Stupid


Persuade, not manipulate!


I keep cleaning windows.It rains a lot here so most people are okay with it.:blush:


Mostly complain about it…


Haha! Probably the easiest thing to do.

Try to get some interior work done. Say you have a job in a couple days. Call them up, explain that it would really help free up your schedule if you could take care of the inside only today. Yeah it might mean 2 trips instead of one, but then when the sun comes out and you have only 1/2 the work left it’s more than worth it. A lot of people might be sitting around the house just like you anyways, so they’re happy for you to get a jump on the job.

Or you could just be a complete savage. Be so freaking good and so freaking busy that you can’t wait until it rains and you can take a day off. But someone will call and schedule when it’s raining anyways, because you’re just so much better than anyone else, and it’s the only day they can get you for the next month.


I work in the rain. We don’t have lightning to worry about in my area although back in 1988 when a volcano was erupting a lightning storm moved with the ash cloud towards us.


Wait, what? I’m pretty sure lightning still pops up…


Nope, wrong atmospheric conditions in my area although the interior of Alaska does have a fair amount of lightness NG.


Read books, listen to records.


Between the rain drops.


I like to read or listen to:
Zig Ziglar
Tom Hopkins
Brian Tracy
Dan Kennedy (Reading his ‘Speak to Sell’ now)

Pretty much in that order


usually find that if you look into anyone giving Guru advice it turns out theyre total losers


There are a lot of young guru’s who are talking out their a*#. But, there are these guys

Zig Ziglar
Tom Hopkins
Brian Tracy
Dan Kennedy

All of them made it to the top of their field and stayed there for the long haul. Their books, tapes, and other products sell out…even after some them are dead.
Reading their stuff is great. But, I like to listen to, and watch, them because it is very positive information and you can see their passion.


Usually but not always.

Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar are genuine winners

Tons of Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy on YouTube even free audio books


one guru who i knew personally is still “on the circuit” , seems hes a purple heart recipient .but is he…

my main memory of him is him standing pissing on the roadway blind drunk while his car was laying in the ditch nearby



I try not to allow others successes cloud the thought patterns that create my own


Well he made it to the bottom.