What do you do on Saturdays?


Right now I’m not sure what I will be doing. I am looking at a house. It doesn’t seem like Saturday is a good day to go canvassing for new storefront businesses. So what do you guys do on Saturdays?


Wash windows til May then Cabin all other weekends


I just started about 4 days ago. My main thing is canvassing. Most management is not there on Saturday though



If you’re looking for something to do business related but don’t have work, you could sit down and write out your business goals for the week. Back end stuff if ya know what I mean.


Had a 540am tee time and got 18 holes in before 9am what a great start for me it was!


feed my tarantulas


today finishing my customer letters, bought stamps and envelopes, finishing first solo flyer, writing email blast, writing and sending talking easter card for all customers. so just a relaxing saturday.
update: 391 full colour letters rolling off the printer NOW!!! mwa ha ha haaaa
update sunday: sent 350 easter e cards


Getting flyers ready, looking for neighborhoods to canvass in, updating the business plan so I wouldn’t struggle with it throughout the week.Oh and cleaning out my van,it’s a mess! I just started about two weeks ago, only worked in 2 storefront so far.


Right now coach my daughter’s soccer team. She’s 6… so I’m sure some of you can imagine how that normally goes.


july/august hopefully racing my hobie tiger every sat/sun


You’re right Saturdays are not great for canvasing storefronts. Can be great day for canvasing residential though because people are home. Downside is they may not want to be bothered on the weekend.
Personally I hate canvasing but eddm solved that problem for me.


Service now a cook out


Tires got swapped on the van, took my dog to two beaches, shoveled dog poop out of my yard, received reimbursable supplies and made the invoice, scheduled a resi WC for Tuesday, waiting for the medical examiner for my life insurance policy because she is a couple hours late. Hope to play X-Wing before cleaning two banks tonight.


Work never stops OP. Apparently now I’m a cattle rustler.


We went to the museum today. I spotted some window cleaners.


Paper work, cleaned some winders…did two quotes at some houses on the lake and that’s it. Now I’m going to dream about new window cleaning tools and clean windows.


Rest , next week is another bear


LOL…like seeing Jesus in your pancake.


Is that the excelorator?


Saturday is a great day for residential as most people are off work and usually floating around the home :grin: