What do Window Cleaners Wear? Anything Unusual?


The company is offering a one-way flight to Alberta and an annual salary of up to $55,000 for window cleaners in kilts.

Read more here: https://i.stv.tv/2qihyv6

To be clear this post/thread is not about the job offer but rather about clothing and how it relates to the job and/or branding.

Could be an interesting discussion.


Yeah i did see that but i earn more than that on my own so think I’ll give it a miss. They better up there salary cuz it’s only like £10 per hour. I earn between 30-45 depending on traveling


I wear a pull-over with my company name, blue brand name work pants, pulled up, and a belt. That’s weird.


I wear a white Polo with hickory striped overalls. :slight_smile:


The founder was/is a member here.


Canadian or US $?


Since it’s a job offer in Canada, I’m sure it’s Canadian dollars.

So that’s what. $12,000 US doillars? :rofl:


Sure thing and not a great offer for the workers.

Can we comment however on clothes/workwear/appearance and how they relate to company branding and image? The Canadian company clearly feel it is a good selling point if they are going to the trouble of importing Scotsmen in kilts.


Sounds fine


“Dear god” just put on cloths for work or any public interaction…

But if your a nudest I guess you can brand your company

Bare Naked Window cleaning…

So many “outstanding” branding opportunities!

Who’s the first that will run with this…

C’mon who’s first! Don’t be shy!


Problem is, now you can’t advertise as streak free. :frowning:


Bare Glass Window Cleaning, where the only streaking you’ll see is me… I don’t know, seems like there are plenty of slogan opportunities… :wink:


Well, there is already a window company called Men In Kilts. Maybe this is them, maybe it’s a different company looking for guys to wear man skirts.

Me, I wear a company branded shirt and jeans.





Yes its them(unless you were being sarcastic lol). Big franchise. Same vehicle wraps in Ontario too.


Excellent branding :slight_smile:


Damn…I was thinking that was a great offer. Apparantly Canada needs to step up their economy.


Hyperbole, I’m sure :smirk:


Well that’s not so bad for a starting wage.