What coupons work well for you?


Do not do % off or $ off coupons! It cheapens your work in the customers eyes. You are leaving money on the table, plus you are training them to only call you when you have a coupon thus keeping you from getting the rate per hour you really need/ deserve. Instead offer free mirror cleaning with whole house in and out window cleaning, a $30 value for free!.. You get the money the job is worth, it take you 5 min to clean 5 bathroom mirrors, the customer thinks they got a great deal and you get all the money…a low cost item to you and a high value item in their mind to them…win win!


Cool idea!


“Free window cleaning” works awesome! Amazing response rate!


You come up with some good idea’s, sometimes… :wink:

I’ve done $25 off on a complete in and out in the past when I chased those type of customers. It worked well. (Learned that from Chad @windowsrx :slight_smile: )


Thanks Steve! In the beginning I tried everything to get new clients. Once I figured out that the $30 OFF your first window cleaning worked, I ran with it.

Test Test Test…That is what I did until I figured out what worked for me.
Maybe someone could do this:
mail out 500 postcards with $20 OFF your first window cleaning
mail out 500 postcards with $30 OFF your first window cleaning
mail out 500 postcards doing what @severn mentioned - free mirror cleaning with whole house in/out cleaning.

Then keep track of what postcard is getting you the best response rate and run with it like Forest Gump!

Just because the $30 OFF worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.
Make sure you test.


That’s what I’m doing this year, different offer each mailing.


Now that made me laugh!!

Run Forest…Run!


Thought this would be a good topic to revive for all the winter forum visitors. So far I have only tried the 20 window for x. Then I give 3 different options such as exterior, int/ext basic and int/ext premium. All for the up to 20 windows, it just depends on what they are wanting included with their 20 windows. We usually stay in line with .5-1% response rate with either door hangers or EDDM.

Has anyone run any other good offers this last season that maybe did better than usual? Looking to try some new offers this year as well as the ones we already do.


Would never do coupons…people are the same when choosing a pizza…“honey, what coupons do we have for pizza tonight?” …never get return business that way


@Yeller Just curious how you get customers and how big is your company? I understand this for a company that primarily does commercial or isn’t looking to grow. But for a company doing residential and trying to grow it is a pretty common strategy. I’m ok with one time customers honestly. I would love if everybody just continued to have their windows cleaned regularly but it’s just not always the case.


This is my 3rd WC business…I have done 10 day Home & Garden Shows and all the fluff, one thing is it costs money to get customers and when they only use your service once, you better have pricing that can cover the costs. When the customer repeats, it’s like compounding money…only better with referrals.



Why so many businesses, relocating?

Were you able to sell former businesses?

What size are the 3?


I’ve never known anybody who does coupons of discounts, I have worked for 4 different window cleaning companies. Well, not discounts in the sense of “20 percent off”. Now if the customer is a good customer and gets on the “every 2 months” schedule (I have a very good friend who has 600+ accounts this way, every 2 months) Nice sales pitch…“6 days a year and your windows are always clean”. You would be amazed at how the customers are shocked that “nobody ever offers me that”, hell he won’t even add you to his customer base unless you go on schedule. Oh, you aren’t home 3-4 months out of the year? Well, you still get your pool cleaned, your lawn mowed-- it’s MAINTENANCE! It works for him, to each their own. I’ve seen it first hand, been with him when he does it. Hell, he even went to “the big convention” last year with my other buddy that I grew up with and some people he talked to were impressed (The “big wigs” I guess? LOL). First cleaning is always a time and a half outside/inside. So in retrospect you get a discount (if you call it that lol) for being put on a normal routine schedule.

Frequency is my favorite. The company I work for now has many weeklys, bi-weeklys, monthly, etc. But in the same token— I like the “first cleans” because it’s such a gratifying thing when you are done. But let’s not kid ourselves, Rome was not built in a day. Humble beginnings.