What coupons work well for you?


So I’m about to start an EDDM campaign. I’ll be using one of the new WCRA templates that were recently released. I’m curious about what kind of coupons/ offers work well for those who have had success with EDDM. I’m mainly focused on marketing window cleaning, pressure washing, and roof cleaning.

I was considering things like:
-free driveway cleaning with house wash or roof cleaning

-free basic exterior window cleaning with house wash (In this case I would build the window cleaning into the house wash price)…on second thought I don’t really like this one but I’ll leave it here for people to see

-$25 off window cleaning of $250 or more

-$50 off roof cleaning

-etc, etc, etc…

What works for you guys?

Thanks in advance


I’ve done two mailings so far. One had a $25 off exterior only of $175 or more and $35 off interior/exterior of $250 or more. The other was free screen cleaning up to $30 on any window cleaning package. Both mailings have gotten results.

Next, I’m going to do the 20 window special and for my final mailing a percentage off coupon.


Just a suggestion…re-think that…


Yeah i know it’s discouraged in a lot of threads I’ve read, but i felt there was little harm in just running it once as a test to see if results are similar in my market. Worst case I don’t like it and use something else next time right?


I like out of the box thinkers.

You never know what will work until you try it.


Here’s an ad I ran on Facebook for a month almost and it had good results. I lowered my price a few dollars for the promo and booked several customers who want me to come back. When I do, they understand it’ll be at regular price next time. First time using a dollar amount instead of a percentage. I think this is going to work better for my market.


worse case you get some $2000 house and do the last 20 windows for free


or first 20 depending on how you look at it


True, but that’s no different than getting ten $200 houses and doing two windows for free each. My first coupon of $35 off $250 would actually come to a 14% discount.

Plus, i could add a limit to the coupon.


Thanks for the input guys. Anyone else?


I used to advertise $30 OFF your first window cleaning. Worked really well for me.


Don’t feel the need to discount my services.


Good to know. I was considering something along the the lines of $25 off with $250 worth of services.


Do you do eddm? Its pretty common practice to offer discounts when advertising.


Glad to help. Keep us posted on your success!


No marketing


Well then Mr. Superior :wink:( I kid, I kid) this doesnt really apply to you.


Must be nice!


Our industry has a huge benefit over most. We build on our customer base each year, if you’ve been in business for longer than 5 years and you’re still sole proprietor, one person doing all the work something’s wrong, unless that’s your preference.

I see offering discounts a way for cheap people who only care about price and getting a discount to use your service. I see them as being the customers that are extremely dirty, taking you longer to clean and they’re not repeat customers.

I want reliable customers who want a quality job well done the first time.

I don’t care if you referred someone or are elderly, we don’t do discounts.


Pretty sure that’s what we all want. I just added a second crew and plan to keep expanding so I’m trying to bring in as much work as possible. I have absolutely no problem offering a discount to get in the door and acquire a new customer, neither do the majority of successful service businesses out there. Especially those that service the residential sector. About 85% of our new customers repeat so I’m definitely working towards the long term.

Discounts don’t draw cheap people bit they help draw new people. My services aren’t cheap to begin with, and I’m not targeting broke neighborhoods.

Spending $ on postcards with no offer seems like a risky/ stupid move.

Apparantly you have all the work you need. Maybe you’re willing to share your secrets to success with us?