What connection for your waterfed brush?


When comes to connecting your Water Fed Brush to pole or angle adapter.
What is your connection preference?


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Gooseneck using quick lock


So what is your preference to connect to the brush? (Thread)


Quick loq is my preference. Easy to connect and disconnect. Positive attachment that never works loose or shifts while in use.


So do you think Quick-LoQ would be good to use on a squeegee handles as well??


Not really necessary for me. I use the ettore plastic ends for their poles and it fits right into my Gardiner pole. This allows me to use trad tools on the Gardiner pole. I wouldn’t oppose the ability to use the quick loq gooseneck with trad tools If it was possible


No quick lock on squeegee handles because they aren’t left on.


Don’t understand?
They not left on?


Why would you want a squeegee to be connected with a quick lock?

I’m thinking a wfp brush stays on the pole mostly.

A squeegee on a pole is taken on off constantly.


Wouldn’t it be easier to take squeegee on/off though?
just saying.


With there being a lock it would take more time.

Its preference, Unger pole has the tip that locks


Euro is the standard for most manufacturers so you can use multiple brushes from different manufacturers


Gardiner sells the adapter fitting that will allow us to convert any brush to the quick loq. Brush selection has never been an issue,


Yes but not all brushes are set up to use a socket some have the threads that are part of the block mold.


This is true. However, between the brushes that allow the adapter and the wide selection of Gardiner brushes available, the quick loq is still the way to go IMO.


Here are all the brushes we carry. Only the Tucker and Unger use a socket that can be removed.


Of cause you could do this, made video about 5 years ago. https://youtu.be/k0o-IDZpiXM


@John, what’s your opinion of the quailty of the brushes that use the threads built into the mold?


The Brodex and Vikan are great brushes just a little heavy. We no longer have the Brodex.